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Nillion Talks About 5 Promising NFT Projects in 2022 


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have completely metamorphosed into the digital world. An endless stream of creative freedom is shaping the NFT experience every day. Despite some critiquing NFTs as a fad, the extraordinary level of popular participation and investment in NFT projects points to a different story. Rightly so, Nillion helps us find the five most promising NFT projects in 2022.


  1. Decentraland


Launched on the Ethereum blockchain Decentraland creates a comprehensive metaverse where you can play, explore, interact, shop, and many more. The NFT project allows you to create avatars, buy and sell virtual land, and build your environments and applications. “That talks about the immense potential for entertainment and business,” says Nillion.


  1. Crypto Baristas


The project, the first of its kind, is centered around all coffee lovers. Launching in June 2022, the project has already created noise in the NFT space with the promise of an all-encompassing caffeine experience. Moreover, the NFT project is backed by a real-life coffee initiative impacting business chains and coffee-growing communities. The metaverse avatar of the coffee community promises a good return on investment.


  1. Doodles


One of the most dynamic NFT projects with a collection of 10000 avatars – from fires to ice cream to Queen. Stand to gain in the long-term, it has already stormed the NFT marketplace. The hand-drawn unique doodle holders stand to gain from Doodlebank, a reservoir of $5 million cash. Nillion remarks, “A new batch of Spaceship Doodle is further expanding the project, making it a lucrative investment.”


  1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club


It’s a make-over to the already successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. If you own BAYC NFT, you just need to expose it to a vial of mutant serum, and you have a new piece of digital art, which is related to, yet uniquely different from the original version. “Riding on its huge success of BAYC, the Mutant avatar is already selling more than 20 ETH in the NFT market. Seize the momentum now”, says optimistic Nillion


  1. Yubo Randos


The most anticipated NFT project for 2022 by Yubo, a social live streaming app, builds a community of like-minded people on its digital platform. Amplifying the idea of random yet memorable bonding made in the metaverse, Yubo released its brand NFT collection of 10000 Yubo Randos. Viewed as a big ticket NFT of 2022, Randos are live on the Ethereum blockchain.

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