The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has decried the spate of negative criticisms and public misconceptions of its operations.

NNPC Group Managing Director (GMD) Andrew Yakubu said this late on Thursday night in Abuja at a dinner to mark the end of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference 2014.

Yakubu noted that such comments were unfair to the corporation and a morale dampener to prospective investors

He said that people should see NNPC as a national asset that needed to be protected to enable the country to reap bountifully from proceeds of its hydrocarbon resources.

The NNPC GMD challenged anyone that had any case of corruption against the corporation to inform it, adding that the ignorance and misconception about the industry was becoming alarming.

According to him, anything that has to do with petroleum products is always directed to the NNPC which is a major challenge to the industry.

He noted that the operations of the NNPC were being heavily policed by many other agencies.

“There are strict rules and regulations that guide the operations of the corporation that will not allow it to do otherwise.

“People should appreciate the challenges and join us in taking full ownership of the assets.

“It doesn?t belong to an individual, the assets are national and everybody must see it as strategically owned by all of us.

“If we take it as such, we will appreciate that we need to guard it jealously, we need to understand the businesses and be part of the solution to the challenges, instead of indulging in bulk passing.??

According to him, this will not take us anywhere, what it does is that it dampens the spirit of those who want to partner with us to promote the business to ensure success.

Yakubu said, “the tendency is for them to runaway because we expose ourselves unduly through the blame game and portray ourselves in bad light??.

?“What we need to do is to create conducive environment that will attract the investors.?

Yakubu said there was no country that survived without Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs), adding that negative criticisms could send wrong signals to foreign investors.

“We really need to be mindful of that, we need to play down on some of these negative criticisms, so that they don?t destroy us.??



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