No childhood cancer medicine on 2016 NHIS list

Breast and cervical cancers were retained on the 2016 Reviewed Medicine List of the National Health Insurance Scheme.


Though childhood cancers have not made it to the medicine list for 2016, Mr Nathaniel Otoo, Chief Executive Officer of the scheme, is hopeful that after the entire review of the scheme childhood cancers, which have great prognosis in treatment, may make it onto the list.

Mr Nathaniel Otoo, NHIA Deputy CEO
Mr Nathaniel Otoo, NHIA Deputy CEO

While services tariffs have seen an average increase of 27.5%, medicines have been given an upward adjustment of 24%.

According to Nathaniel Otoo, the list now holds 517 medicines as compared to 523 medications in the past.

Two new entries onto the 2016 NHIS medicine and tariff lists are oxytocin and egometrine, which were included upon a directive.

The list, which took effect two days ago, will enable the scheme pay the right prices or tariffs for services healthcare providers provide to consumers.

Mr Otoo stated that the review of the tariffs and medicine lists is a statutory duty of the NHIA, in collaboration with healthcare providers and other stakeholders under the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

“NHIS Medicines List, according to him, consists of medicines prescribed to NHIS members at NHIS-credentialed health facilities. The medicines are derived from the broad Ghana Essential Medicines List of the Ministry of Health and covers the benefit package of NHIS,” he added.

He stated that the process took into account relevant stakeholders who were engaged in a consultative and participatory process under the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

Mr Otoo seized the opportunity to remind the public that the scheme is a national asset and is committed to improving the experience of service providers and NHIS members.

“We will continue to engage our stakeholders to enhance their experiences within the scheme and ensure that our members have satisfactory services,” he added.

Speaking to questions from the media on how consumers would know which medicines are on the list, he said the list would be published on the website of the authority and subsequently loaded onto a mobile application available to all.

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