No phones, cameras allowed in NPP Primaries to prevent vote buying

Npp Aspirants
NPP Flagbearer Aspirants

In anticipation of the upcoming NPP Presidential Primaries, stringent measures have been enacted to ensure an equitable and transparent electoral process.

An all-encompassing serialization system has been put into operation to uphold the credibility of the internal polls and thwart any potential biases.

The eagerly awaited internal polls have been meticulously designed to obscure the identities of delegates and hinder candidates from discerning the voting preferences of individuals.

Reliable sources in close proximity to both the Electoral Commission and the party’s leadership have confirmed the implementation of a robust serialization approach, guaranteeing the concealment of delegates’ identities.

This robust serialization strategy is further fortified by the adoption of an anonymous entry process, bypassing the identification of delegates by their names. Additionally, the prohibition of smart devices and cameras within the voting venues has been instituted.

These measures are intended to ensure the protection of delegates’ anonymity and create a practically insurmountable barrier to determining the allegiance of specific voters.

The prohibition of mobile phones and cameras also serves the purpose of preventing members from capturing their voting choices, enhancing the purity of the voting environment.

The anonymous entry process will also forestall candidates from ascertaining the voting patterns based on any predetermined sequence or arrangement.

The Super Delegates conference is scheduled for August 26, 2023, while the national presidential primary is set to take place on November 4.

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