John Evans Atta Mills

The President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, has stated that as a responsible leader he will ensure that gay marriages are never legalised in the country and on the African continent as a whole.

According to President Mills, the Ghanaian society frowns on homosexuality and will not in any way kowtow to foreign pressures to legalise homosexuality.

President Mills’ comments come after the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressing the Heads of States at the African Union Summit at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia called on African leaders to respect gay rights in their respective countries.

His call comes a few months after UK Premier, David Cameron, threatened to withdraw aid to anti-gay African countries including Ghana which was rejected outright by President Mills.

Speaking to journalists at the Kotoka International Airport on arrival from Ethiopia on Tuesday, President Mills said Ghana’s position on legalising homosexuality is well known and would not be changed.

“We have made our positions well known, Ghanaian societies frown upon homosexuality… if the people’s interest is that we do not legalise homosexuality, I don’t see how any responsible leader will decide to go against the wishes of his people,” President Mills said.

He added: “I heard what the Secretary General said and I wasn’t surprised because of where he is coming from, but we only listened to him. We have all made our positions well known. Nobody can say in Ghana we discriminate against homosexuality, there is no witch-hunting on homosexuality…that is their own problem so we only listen and move on.

“The Secretary General has made his views known and we have also made our views known so the value is the same. ”

Source Citifmonline Ghana



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