No Vultures at the Marketplace


May 2012

I went to the village today

And the marketplace was full

Mostly women as usual,

With their wares from everywhere.

Oranges, mangos and yams of every kind

And oh, the pungent red chili peppers,

Multi-colored fabrics from home and abroad,

Waving like flags in a parade.

There were still all the different noises

Including those made by the market women.

Including the goats and their cries and the beggars

And missing from all of?these were the scavengers,

Those?Noble and Majestic African Vultures.

Those African Vultures who cleaned up each day.

Is it true that the African and Noble Scavengers

As I remember them long ago? as a child

Went the way of the Chicken to the dinner table?

Some said so, but I do not believe them.

Heaven help us if this is true.


Dedicated to the vultures? around My Grandfather?s

Home? at Suhun, Ghana, ?near the market.

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