Nokia and LG Uplus collaborate on 6G initiatives

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Finnish tech giant Nokia  and South Korea-based LG Uplus have agreed to collaborate on 5G Advanced and 6G research projects, planning to focus on next-generation technologies including open LAN, energy harvesting and non-terrestrial networks.

In a translated statement, LG Uplus explained the joint research will explore new frequencies and extending existing network structures to be used in 6G.

To tap new frequencies, LG Uplus and Nokia plan to conduct joint research on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), a next-generation antenna technology.

They also aim to study terahertz wave RIS technology which is emerging as a 6G frequency.

Kwon Junh-yeok Kwon, EVP at LG Uplus’ network division, said “thorough preparation for the 6G network is necessary to secure a quality level that satisfies customers”.

Ahn Tae-ho, CEO of Nokia Korea, added cooperation “in open LAN and cloud RAN”, both core 6G technologies, “will help verify the structure of future wireless technology and further contribute to technology development that accelerates commercialisation”.

Work on open LAN will cover open fronthaul, cloud RAN and WAN intelligent controllers, the operator stated.

LG Uplus explained energy harvesting technology, which reuses wasted energy, will be used in 6G networks, with the companies to explore liquid cooling base stations.

The research on non-terrestrial networks looks to secure technology to expand 6G service into space.

LG Uplus and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology recently conducted a network optimisation study for low-orbit satellites by using quantum computer technology.

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