Ghanaian leading music producer, Artistic Director, C.E.O. of Pidgen Music, Panji Anoff has debunked rumours that he was a gay a pronouncement he made some months ago.


Anoff posted on his face-book timeline that he was a gay, an assertion which attracted so much debate on the sexual attraction of the music producer.

Speaking on Peace Fm Entertainment Review Panji Anoff raised issues in contribution to discussion on the embattled ace broadcaster?s alleged sexual assault and sought to clear the air, but a regular panel member of the Peace Fm Entertainment review show Okraku Mantey suggested to Panji Anoff that looking at the scenario he gave means that he is not a gay like he claimed months back.

This made other panelists on the show including Socrates sarfo , Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, Hammer of the last two, to interfere and push Panji to answer if he?s a gay or not .

Hammer on the other hand said that he has known Panji since 1995 and he knew he?s not a Gay so it will be prudent for him to explain further.

Panji then clarify that we are all humans, so we should respect every human.

? we are all humans someone might be black, white, a gay, lesbian etc what matters is the person is a human, so if someone is a gay and you decide to hate that person you will miss so many opportunity in life ? he explained.

After his clarification he was told by the panel members on the show that by his explanation, means he?s trying to fight against discrimination, he responded that yes he did that for everybody so that the discrimination and humiliation will stop.




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