Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, Finance Minister and Economic Planning

The revelation by a document that Finance Minister Kwabena Duffuor did raise a query about the Woyome payment is mind-boggling. It is a revelation inconsistent with a lot of the things which have emerged from the subject so far.

If indeed such a query was raised, and we have no cause to doubt it, the picture is still gloomy. Many who have something to do with the subject, by way of partaking in the largesse or witnessing the process administratively, have not spoken sufficiently.

 Unfolding circumstances such as the documentary evidence from the Finance Minister will compel all who have something to do with the Woyomegate saga to make their confessions or narrate what happened as the days elapse.

We have read from the document about how the Finance Minister took issues with the payment. Although he is not Martin Amidu, we are unhappy that the Finance Minister has still not spoken openly about what really happened, leaving speculations to have a better side of the raging debate.

The importance of those related to the scandal extricating themselves through important revelations and cogent defences cannot be over-emphasised. It remains a financial entrapment whose stench is all over the political turf now.

Some persons with skeletons in their cupboards have turned to the media to undertake PR stunts so that they could be saved from the ensuing embarrassments. The “I told Betty so” remark in the document is a strange matter.

The leaking of the document to the media is part of the machination to save the suspects in the Woyome game from an imminent tsunami. We are yet to hear from the Finance Minister directly or indirectly. He would be serving the interest of propriety if he speaks and be damned by his employers. This goes beyond the washing of the dirty linen of colleague party supporters in public.

The Woyome saga is a jigsaw puzzle, the arrangement of which will take time to put together. By the time all the parts are assembled, the casualty figure would have arisen beyond the two mark so far- Betty Mould-Iddrisu and Martin Amidu.

It is a saga which presents an important integrity test for players in the financial scandal; those who refuse to sing or state the extent of their implication stand the risk of being roped in by the drowning culprits in their death throes.

Our case is that there are still outstanding questions demanding urgent explanations. Mr Kwabena Dufuor will do himself a lot of good if he sings audibly than muffling the notes.

What is disturbing about the Finance Minister’s correspondence before the money hit Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s accounts is why in spite of Betty’s seeming intransigence, he did not turn to the President?

The impression we are getting is that he did inform the President that he was not comfortable about the anomalous payment. If that is the case, we are constrained to draw the conclusion that we are not being told the truth when the President tells us that he could not have been in the know about the financial drama.

Those who have anything to say about the issue would have to open up now or be subjected to a ruling in the court of public opinion. Delayed disclosures will not be in the interest of those who must have had something to do with the anomalous transaction.

The Chief of Staff is another person in the Mills administration who knows a lot about the Woyome transaction. He has been so silent to the detriment of a quest for the truth about the financial mess.



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