Nothing Like Free Lunch

Congratulations to that effect ,but i still want to plead that this Donation should not turn to the Donors becoming UNTOUCHABLE in the state ,making them DO WHAT THEY PLEASE AGAINST the Security and walk away scout free.
unnamedOur people said “otara amu ebunu,ji ibi ugwo” and we all know that THERE IS NOTHING LIKE FREE LUNCH between Nwa okolobia and nwa agboghobia ,there is always a pay back.Any Lady that accepts lunch with a Guy knows in her mind that deposit has been paid for BEDMATICS but it may take a little time but it must be demanded one day or the other.
Good a thing that we have good Sons investing in our security, but i still ponder how our securities will be able to go after them if they commit crime against the state ,having in mind how much they,ve paid for the services.
I will think that they,ve bought ?freedom and my reason must be,because the security personel must have thought about this and map out SECURITY VOTE which is suppose to be untainted,independent and unbias .With security Vote ,nobody can say after all my money was what put you guys on the road ,but with the money collected from them ,you cannot look them on the face and say they must be prosecuted ,if you try that ,the ground will become slippery between both of you.
We all know that HE who pays the Pipers dictates the tune of the music ,so those that paid for our security will dictate the pace ,the areas and the do,s of our security.
It is like an individual building a Police station ,there is no Policeman born by a woman that will arrest any member of that family for any crime,it is called COMPROMISE .
If our Governor will bend a little ,i will suggest since there is a prevailing SECURITY VOTE that he should not inter-marry that with individual donations to make sure that everything he worked in security will not collapse .
I know that there are people that are suppose to be above the law but taking serious money from the SUPER RICH is a COMPROMISE that does nobody any good ,especially in security matter because there is always a pay back.
There are many other sectors that needs that money outside security.
As Usual ,i lay my case on the table of masses for POSTERITY SAKE.
?Source:?Mazi Odera
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