Nour Khodr Shares 5 Pro Tips for Aspiring Social Media Stars

Nour Khodr
Nour Khodr

The word influencer is relatively new, and there is a lot that aspiring social media stars need to do to maintain their online reputation and their fan base entertained. So, to all the mythical creatures who want to become social media stars or are stepping into this career, learn from Nour Khodr, a social media celebrity, a music marketer, a social media manager, and a surfer.

Nour Khodr has some pro tips to share that will surely help other aspiring social media stars. Learn from the pro and see how you can implement these changes.

Time Management

One common mistake that most social media influencers make is they spend way too much time on social media. Nour suggests that one needs to know when their target audience will be most active, when to update and how often one should update. Making every second count is the first rule for every aspiring social media star. One needs to know about the latest trends and stay in their lane. One thing that will help social media influencers to outshine others is outside-the-box ideas.

Always Be Yourself

It is easy to get influenced by others and try to replicate what others are doing, especially those who you follow. Nour says, “You need to find out ways to promote yourself in your own unique way. If you are thinking about connecting with different brands, and be yourself is the mantra. Hence, grab your shoes, be yourself, be unique, and try to collab.”

Engage Yourself

In Nour Khodr’s words, “there is a reason why fans follow you, and that is they like your content. But fans have some expectations as well, and that is to get engaged with their idols. Whenever someone comments that they like your comment and praise you for what you do, try to engage with them as much as possible. Reply to their comments with a simple smile or write thank you. This way, your fans will remain loyal to you.”

Become Visible

Social media is a vast platform. If you aren’t visible, not using the right hashtags, not targeting the right audience, you will almost be equivalent to invisible. That’s something you should be mindful of. Be at the top of the game, and try different techniques to become visible.

Good-Quality Photos and Videos

Social media platforms, such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, work on visual content. Whatever photo or video you upload has to be of top-quality. Nour suggests to buy some good cameras, and upload original photos and videos with good resolutions.


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