Hmm! A wolf was hanging about at the countryside. He stumbled on a sheep-skin lay out on the ground. He considered, “If I dressed in this skin and get mixed up in the flock, the shepherd will not have a sneaking suspicion of me. At night, I will kill a big sheep and then take him away with me”.


The wolf disguised himself with the sheep-skin and got mixed up with the flock of sheep. As he had anticipated, the shepherd took him as a sheep and shut him also in the sheep-pen. The wolf was waiting for the night to strike.

The shepherd had a feast that night. He sent a servant to go and get a fat sheep. The servant saw the sheep-skin covered wolf by chance. That night, the guests had the wolf for supper.

In another instance, a fox was very thirsty. He saw a sizeable drinking-well nearby and peeked into it. The fox slipped-up and fell into the drinking-well. He tried to come out. But he could not do so. After some time, there came a goat that was also thirsty. He too peeked into the drinking-well.

The fox saw the goat and said from inside the well, “The water is very sweet. Come and Come to enjoy.” The silly goat also jumped into the well. The cunning fox jumped on the back of the goat and jumped out of the well.

Yet again, there lived two silly goats in a village. There was a narrow bridge over a river in the village. One day, the goats wanted to cross the bridge. One silly goat was on one side. The other one was on the other side. One of them said, “I shall go first. Allow me to pass.” The other goat said, “No. I must cross first. You move aside.”

Neither of them yielded. At last, they came to the middle of the bridge. They began to fight terribly. As they were fighting, both of them fell into the river and were drowned.

One day a wood cutter’s axe accidentally fell into a river. The poor wood cutter made a good search in the water.
But his efforts were in vain. Finally he burst into tears. Hearing his sobs, an Angel appeared before him. The Angel dived into the river and came up carrying a golden axe. The wood cutter did not accept it.

He stated that his axe was made of iron. The Angel disappeared and soon returned with a silver axe. The wood cutter again denied that it was his axe. The Angel once again plunged into the river. It soon reappeared carrying the axe of the wood cutter. The poor man greeted the angel with words of profuse thanks and great joy.

The Angel was strongly impressed by the man’s honesty. She presented him with the golden and silver axes in acknowledgment of his truthful nature.

Finally, there was a sculptor who carved beautiful idols of gods and goddesses. One day he had to take an idol of a goddess to a rich man. He mounted the idol on a donkey and started off. As they walked along people began to have a high regard for the idol. Some stopped to admire and some bowed in respect for the goddess. The harebrained donkey thought that people were admiring him.

The donkey stopped half way through. He began to bray loudly. The sculptor tried gentle words and actions to pacify him. But he did not move. At last the sculptor took a hard stick and thrashed the donkey. He came back to his senses and walked on humbly.

Definitely, it is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf. Let those who are castigating the NPP be reminded, we should know what we are getting into before we commit ourselves. You should think carefully about the possible results or consequences before doing something. Look before you leap; for as you sow, ye are like to reap.

Source : Nana Akwah


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