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NPP and ‘Breaking The 8’


Could the NPP ‘Break the 8?’ The simple answer is Yes, though the NDC is currently in the lead position. Should the NPP break the 8? A question to be explored in much detail later. Anything is possible in politics thus NPP’s quest to win another 4-year term come December 7th, 2024, cannot be underestimated. Below are a few factors that may aid the NPP’s goal.


The reasons voters consider voting or not vote for a particular candidate or party go beyond just issues and H.E Bawumia’s background and personal story may be his greatest asset in the upcoming election given the hardships currently being experienced by a broad spectrum of the Ghanaian population.

In electing the vice president as its flagbearer, the NPP sought to solve a perceived longstanding image problem of being an ‘Akan Party’ and unwelcoming to any non-Akan especially those hailing from the Greater Northern Regions as flagbearers of the party. The vice president’s candidature may assuage that fear. Additionally, it also handicaps the opposition NDC from an obvious talking point.

Secondly, with the vice president as flagbearer, the NPP would seek to play offense by forcing the NDC to pay much attention to their otherwise strongholds of the Greater Northern Regions and the Southern Zango and Settler Communities. Although these communities have historically backed the NDC massively, recent elections have shown the NPP making steady progress with the electorate. Forcing the NDC to spend precious time and resources in their strongholds could limit the time the NDC would spend trying to peel off both new and disaffected voters in the NPP’s traditional strongholds of Ashanti and Eastern Regions and swing areas like the Central, Western and Bono Regions.


If Dr Bawumia’s biography is his greatest asset then his 2 current bosses in the persons of the current president and Ken-Ofori-Atta, his boss at the Ghana Treasury could be huge liabilities. Apparently, the vice president himself recognizes that and attempted to slightly distance himself from them during his acceptance speech as flagbearer for the NPP. His success in Election 2024 may depend on convincing a greater number of voters that indeed ‘He is His Own Man.’

Alhaji Bawumia would need to succeed where Professor John Atta-Mills, then vice president and flagbearer of the NDC failed in the run-up to Election 2000 some twenty-something years ago. Many voters then were convinced that a vote for H.E Atta-Mills was just an extension of the presidency of H.E Rawlings about whom many Ghanaians had become fatigued.

A potential resignation of Ken Ofori-Atta, the current Finance Minister may as well bolster the Veep’s assertion of independence and inure to the benefit of the NPP; Although, should such an act occur it would likely be because of the President and his family concluding that Ken Ofori-Atta leaving the public space would be most beneficial to their goal.


Vice President Bawumia would need to convince Ghanaians of his solution to the joblessness problem which the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government was unable to solve for 8yrs even if other economic variables like the weak cedi suddenly become stronger.
The inability of governments past and present to either create enough jobs or provide adequate conditions for the private sector to create jobs is a gigantic problem for the country.

An ongoing pandemic is morphing into a huge national security problem with a very vibrant and energetic youthful populace many of whom are either unemployed or underemployed. Many employees are also suffering from very poor employment conditions but unable to change jobs for better conditions leading to very low worker satisfaction and low overall productivity.

‘Breaking the 8’ shall happen on January 7th, 2025, either by the ruling NPP or Opposition NDC. There shall be many Firsts to be included in the ongoing political story of our dear country Ghana.

A country currently akin to a patient on a sick bed in dire need of some potent concoction, good nutrients, and continuous therapy. A vice president shall succeed his boss directly through an election or a former president shall mount a successful comeback. History would be made in Mother Ghana.

We only pray for Protection, Guidance and Peace. GYE NYAME!

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