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NPP can give NDC a very good run

Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia
Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia

By Ikleel YUssif

Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia
Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia

NPP have got all the time and opportunity in the world to plan and put the best strategy in place to make sure that John Mahama and his crew are swept away from the flag staff house.Without doubt, NPP is the only alternative or subtitute for NDC as the rest of the small parties failed to unite to make sure Ghana politics? will not remaine two party show all the time. They only give an escort to the big parties and? kept their names in the media so that at least, they will also be known in? politics.They could not play a common role of an opposition party, i mean to serve as watch dog to the rulling party.

As My good friend Jamal Abdul Aziz said, NPP and NDC? are? made of the same their bag is full of tricks and lies,? we only make? choice between coke cola and sprite, they are all made of soda.

Should the smaller parties unite and plan well, the game of politics in Ghana will change and in the end ghanaians would be the beneficiaries.But now they have allowed two elephants to fight and we the grass are being suffered.

By all indication, NPP are planning well with a better startegy this time around to tell NDC that,? if you cannot do it, step aside and let us do it .With J.A.Kufour and Nana Addo? planning to recreate the image of the party, because it is obvious that, NPP can never come to power if the perception that, NPP are war mongers, tribalistic are not rectified, it is very clear from the factionalism of the Akyem bloc and? the asante bloc. Ghanains do recall the loyalty and the selfless service that Dr Aliu Mahamah rendered to NPP and for that matter Ghana, only for him to be sidelined during the election of the flagbearership race,if even he have gotten the opportuinty to stand as flag bearer, due to the tribalistic nature of NPP, they would not have voted for him, though he has got the experience, No northner has even been voted as flag bearer in NPP. So if NDC decide to campaign with it and call NPP tribalistic party, how can NPP deny it. We sometimes create an avenue for our opponents to stand on? to chastized us. Do not accept the roles that your opponent or society foist on you, rather recreate your self by forging a new identity, one that commands the attention and never bore the audience, be the master of your image? and never allow anybody define it for you.

Sir john As he is being called, did annouced that, Should incase, NAna Addo had any problem with his health? or? as every body is aware of age catching up with him, then Dr Mahmoud Bawmia will take over the mantle of flagbeareship and from reliable source, Joe Ghartey will be appointed his running mate and Kufuor?s camp is believed to have endorsed it,? not because, they are trying to push Alan Kyeremanteng aside but to recreate a new image for the party. If Nana Addo is giving up in the interest of the nation and not his selfish dream, then Alen can still wait for eight years to come.

Meanwhile, as you have got better strategies, you don?t stop there, you have to plan all the way to the end.now that you are in opposition what role are playing, only sabataging the rulling party for it to fail, so that a way will be paved for you, or by showing a good example, thus to share some vital ideas with them on how they can bring back the economy on its feet, ghanaians are good judges and they are listening and watching. You being at their heels will only make them succeed at the end of the day, and if even they fail, you can win the power but the (yee toaso) mantra will continue, you will win and come to be complaining, and ghanaians are fed up with complains, you claim you can do it, we give you the chance to do it, you don?t come to start blaming the past government. Spain is a typical example of this political soboteur, when the party in power now, thus porpular party(PP) was in opposition, they sabotaged and irritated the then rulling party PSOE and by the end of the term of PSOE, everything was scathered, they (PP) have now got the power and are confused,? solving their individual problems leaving that of the nation unsolved,now people are ?alling for the returning of the PSOE, be?ause the PP? are short of ideas. NPP must learn from this. If NDC delivers, no matter what, Ghanaians will vote them out and then you continue from where they stop and little errors commited would easily be corrected..

Sometimes, people get sick of howmost of the African leaders don?t plan before embarking on a course of an action, they are ruled by heart not? the head,their plans are vague and when they meet obstacles they improvise. But improvisation will only bring you as far as the next crisis, and is never a subtitute for thinking several steps ahead. And this is the more reason why African countries became like grasshopers, jumping from one problem to another.they form no cocrate idea of their goal.

However, if NPP must serve the nation now that they are in opposition, it should be helping NDC put things in order, because, by hook or crook NDC will leave the scene, then you (NPP)continue from where they have stoped, making the ride very smooth for you.

Then, Know that, the ending is everything, plan all the way to it, knowing very well that, there could be possible consequences, obstacles and twist of fortune that may reverse your hard work and give the glory to others.By planning to the end you will know when to stop.And then, calmly guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead.


Ikleel YUssif.

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