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NPP Candidate Advocates for Cashew Processing Factory to Transform Industry in Jaman North

Enoch Nyarko
Enoch Nyarko
The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Jaman North Constituency, Enoch Nyarko, has proposed a transformative approach to harness the full potential of Ghana’s cashew value chain. 
Nyarko suggests that establishing a cashew processing factory is essential to add value to cashew beans and fruits, thereby benefiting local farmers and the broader economy.
Speaking at a dialogue meeting on cashew sector challenges, organized by Cashew Watch Ghana and Star Ghana Foundation in Sunyani, Nyarko, represented by his personal assistant Nana Twene, reaffirmed his commitment to this initiative.
He emphasized that a cashew processing factory in Sampa, the capital of Jaman North, would significantly enhance the value of cashew products.
Nyarko explained that such a factory would provide farmers with easier access to markets, stabilize prices, and create more job opportunities for the youth in the district.
“Establishing a cashew processing factory will ensure that additional value is added to both the cashew bean and the fruit. This will enable farmers to access markets more easily, stabilize prices, and create jobs for the youth,” he said.
Moreover, Nyarko highlighted the critical need for improving infrastructure in the region.
 He pointed out that Jaman, being the highest cashew-producing area in the country, suffers from poor road conditions, which hinder the efficient transportation of cashew products.
“We must reshape the roads in the area to support the transportation of cashew products, which is crucial for the local economy,” he urged.
Nyarko also called for government incentives to support cashew farmers, drawing parallels with the benefits enjoyed by cocoa farmers through the Ghana Cocoa Board.
He stressed that similar incentives would greatly enhance the productivity and profitability of cashew farming.
“It is essential that cashew farmers receive incentives to support their production and improve their livelihoods, just like cocoa farmers benefit from various incentives provided by the Ghana Cocoa Board,” he noted.
In his address, Nyarko detailed how the proposed cashew processing factory would operate. He outlined plans for modern processing techniques that would maximize the yield and quality of cashew products.
The factory would also focus on sustainable practices, ensuring that the environmental impact of cashew processing is minimized.
“Our goal is to create a facility that not only boosts economic growth but also promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility,” he added.
Nyarko’s vision for the cashew sector includes training programs for young people interested in cashew processing and value addition.
These programs would equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry.
 “By investing in the youth, we are securing the future of the cashew industry and ensuring that it remains a vital part of our economy,” he emphasized.
Furthermore, Nyarko proposed partnerships with international investors and organizations to bring in advanced technologies and expertise.
Such collaborations would enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Ghana’s cashew products on the global market.
“We are looking to attract international partners who can bring in technology and expertise to help us compete globally,” he stated.
Nyarko concluded by calling on all stakeholders, including government agencies, private sector players, and traditional authorities, to support this ambitious plan.
He stressed that a collective effort is necessary to realize the full potential of the cashew industry in Jaman North and beyond.
“We need the support of all stakeholders to make this vision a reality and to ensure that our farmers and our economy thrive,” he concluded.
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