NPP Caught In Evil Plot Over EC Boss Removal


Reliable information reaching The aL-hAJJ indicate officials of the ruling New Patriotic Party with support from the presidency have intensified their discreet plot to get Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei out of office even before the 2020 elections.

Confirming this paper’s July 4, 2017 publication which revealed, among others that, NPP officials have initiated process to oust the first female head of the election management body; latest intelligence report indicate that, kingpins of the ruling party together with some senior officials at the seat of government, the Flagstaff House, and two prominent NPP Members of Parliament have falsified text/Whatsapp messages to indict Mrs Charlotte Osei.

The fake ‘politically tone’ messages, party insiders privy to the dastardly act told The aL-hAJJ, are to be released and published by pro-government media houses to further confirm the NPP’s persistent allegation that the EC boss was in bed with the then ruling National Democratic Congress ahead of the 2016 elections and indeed, plotted to skew the election in favour of then President John Mahama.

The made-to-believe messages, a source told this paper, are purported to show conversations between Mrs. Charlotte Osei and certain employees of the EC, amongst them include a top official currently being investigated by EOCO for complicity in the alleged misappropriation of over GH₵450,000 staff Endowment Funds.

These fake messages, allegedly created by an IT expert hired by some NPP officials bent on seeing Mrs Charlotte Osei’s back, our sources revealed, is to consolidate allegations contained in three separate petitions filed against the EC boss, and to “prevail on the Chief Justice to establish prima facie case against Mrs Charlotte Osei.”

A deep throat source very close to the plotters (name withheld), who is not in support of the evil machinations, revealed the identities of all the people neck deep in the plot, but this paper will in the meantime keep their identities under wrap.

“These people are wicked. They have sworn that they will not let her (Mrs. Osei) rest until she either resigns from her job or they will get the Chief Justice to find a prima facie case against her at-all-cost…this thing is being planned right here from the Office of the President and the party headquarters.”

Two of the plotters, The aL-hAJJ can confirm, are also senior MPs; one from the Eastern region and the other from the Ashanti and doubles as deputy Minister and Minister respectively.

Throwing more light on the identity of the architects of this plot, another source told this paper “one of them has even worked on some important committees of the EC, but always goes back to pretend as if he was not involved in the process. They both in recent times always speak on all issues about the EC in the media…they are said to being the team behind this wicked plot.”

According to our sources, they have distributed the fake text and whatsapp messages to NPP inclined media, particularly Joy Fm and Daily Guide already to start the smear campaign against the EC boss this week.

The source added, “I am so sad about all these. Apart from the two fake and frivolous petitions already filed, they are plotting more of such fake petitions also. Their plan is to always get Daily Guide, Statesman and Joy Fm to keep publishing their plots. They know people will believe every report published by these partisan media houses who are obviously sympathetic to us (NPP)…
“In fact, it is so sad that the President is keeping quiet for this evil deed against this woman who has shown by all her works that she is clean and cannot be influenced by anyone to continue. For God’s sake, she run the cleanest ever elections and declared our candidate as the President of Ghana. But still these people do not want her to rest,” he lamented.

According to the source, these evil plotters were so outraged when the United States government honoured Mrs. Osei with the “Woman of Courage Award”. “They never saw it coming. They did not expect it. It hit them so hard like a bomb, and they got upset. It was an endorsement they said should never have happened. In fact, I can tell you on authority that these plotters were behind the press conference of the NPP’s Forum for Accountable Governance (AFAG) to demand that Chatham House should not award Mrs. Osei the prestigious 2017 Chatham House Prize for International Relations. That is the extent to which they hate this woman. I think it is not right. I think it is evil,” the source further noted.

It would be recalled that early this year, The aL-hAJJ revealed how some NPP heavyweights at a high level secret meeting had concluded that the surest way to extend the party’s stay in power beyond 2020 is to get the current EC boss out of office.

The paper quoted NPP sources to have said “Charlotte has been ‘marked’ out as a possible impediment in the NPP’s quest to win the 2020 election. She will block any attempt by the NPP to rig the election. She will also prove difficult if we want to push for the implementation of ROPA…and because of this; they are planning to get rid of her from that office.”

According to the source; “winning 2020 election will not be an easy task so we are fervently preparing for that. And one of the ways to make our win easy in 2020 is to push for the implementation of ROPA. With that, the election results can easily be manipulated…but rigging election itself is also not an easy task because some of the guys working at EC must be in support of it. And, considering how the NPP vilified Charlotte and even attempted to use the courts to block her appointment, she may not support any move to implement ROPA when she is not convinced that the implementation will not compromise the election results”.

Few weeks after the paper’s revelation, a petition initially by some unnamed staff of the EC was filed at the presidency to trigger impeachment processes against Mrs Charlotte Osei.

A statement signed by Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugne Arhin, subsequently revealed that lawyer for the petitioners, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, provided names of the petitioners and also added date to the earlier undated petition.

This was after lawyer for the EC boss, Thaddeus Sory, filed a defamation suit against Maxwell Opoku Agyemang for his failure to disclose the identity of the petitioners.

The unnamed staff’s petition was followed with another petition from a person who described himself as citizen of Ghana. All petitions have been forwarded to the CJ for investigation.

Just last week, another petition was again filed at the presidency by another Ghanaian against Mrs Charlotte Osei for her removal from office. The EC boss has however denied all allegations leveled against her and has remained resolute in fighting her “accusers”.

Since the filing of the series of petition, pro-NPP tabloids have been relentless in publishing image-denting stories about the EC boss, all aimed at getting her to either resign or push the CJ to establish a prima facie case against her.

Communicators of the ruling party have also not disappointed their backers in denigrating the EC boss, describing her as unfit to occupy the position.

Persistent in getting Mrs Charlotte Osei out, the NPP and it corroborators have decided to use this latest strategy to beef up their evil plot to oust her.
Stay tuned.

Source: The aL-hAJJ

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