NPP does not have any agenda to be challenging people 


Mr. Bright Doh, Ho Central Constituency Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has stated that the party does not have any mischief to be challenging applicants of the voter identity card in the ongoing limited registration. 

He said all the party was doing was to ensure that the right thing was done so that the country would have clean and credible voter register devoid of foreigners and minors.

Mr Doh, who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Ho noted that political parties as stakeholders in the electoral process had a responsibility to ensure that only eligible citizens get onto the electoral roll.

The Secretary said registering minor citizens was tantamount to destroying their future, therefore, “it does not matter if the person will vote for NPP or NDC if the person does not qualify let us reject the person.”

He said no party stands to gain from the exercise being conducted at the Electoral Commission’s municipal and district offices as they were all “challenged” as a political party.

Therefore, the propaganda that registering people at the EC’s municipal and district offices would inure to the benefit of the NPP was not true, he added.

Mr. Doh said people should not blame the EC for conducting the registration exercise at its municipal and district offices because the Commission did nothing wrong as it had gotten approval of parliament.

“I’m of the opinion that we are suffering because of our representatives in parliament, both NPP and NDC. The EC presented a proposal to you in parliament that I want to do registration in my district offices all over Ghana and attached a budget to it.”

“You never rejected that proposal, you accepted it, and released the fund to them to go ahead with the registration at their district offices. This blame should go to our parliamentarians who approved the budget for the EC to conduct the registration at their offices.”

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