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NPP government engaged in crony capitalism – Dr. Kuganab-Lem


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has been accused of engaging in crony capitalism to satisfy the families and cronies of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Speaking exclusively to News Ghana Hon. Dr. Robert Kuganab-Lem, Member of Parliament (MP) for Binduri in the Upper East Region has said the practice which has become so pervasive is too dangerous for the unity and development of the country.

The National Communications Officer of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at a press conference recently accused President Akufo-Addo of engaging in nepotism with regard to his appointments into government positions.

His comments received some criticisms from a section of the public including Koku Anyidoho and Allotey Jacobs, all leading members of the party who advised their Communications Officer to focus on policies that will win power for the opposition party in next year’s general election.

The Binduri MP however said, “Sammy Gyamfi is talking about nepotism and nepotism is a historical fact that has existed and so there is nothing wrong about him talking about nepotism and people know that whatever happened in NDC government to Atta Mills and His Excellency John Mahama is a far cry to what is happening; open, naked nepotism, government of cronies is what we see today, Ghana is moving slowly to what we call crony capitalism; the power, the resources of the country in the hands of a few cronies. That is what we call crony capitalism. A few groups of people who have turned themselves into a cabal related by blood to exploit what is common the resources that should be common to all Ghanaians.”

He described the practice as quite dangerous as it has the tendency of making people despondent in the country and should not be encouraged.

“This crony capitalism is very dangerous because everybody, including persons of your own party become despondent, become embarrassed, become wicked by the fact that they all think that they have contributed to winning political power but because they have no blood relations, then they are left to suffer.

This is what we should not encourage. Our constitution says that in everything there must be a regional balance, there must be ethnic balance, that’s what the constitution looks at and so to come down and ignore all these regional balances and now select a particular family is just unacceptable and cannot be envisaged by any Ghanaian that this can happen in a country that Kwame Nkrumah tried to build based on our multi-cultural Ghana,” he remarked.

Hon. Dr. Kuganab-Lem, who is also a member of the Judicial and Health Committee in Ghana’s Parliament encouraged Ghanaians to continue to talk about the practice in order to compel the perpetrators to put a stop to it.

He observed, “We have to continue to talk about it and we have to name and shame just like the Communicator, Sammy Gyamfi did and he has to continue and all of us have to support; it is not only him, it is all of us who will have to come out with more evidence to proof or disproof what he has said.

The Parliamentarian urged Ghanaians to put their hope once more in former president John Dramani Mahama to rescue them from their suffering.

“The only hope we have now is John Mahama. He has come, we saw what he did. The history is not too long ago for us to forget and what he did was he brought this country together, he brought development together and we were moving at a pace that if he had the four years in addition, the building blocks would have been created,” the MP for Binduri added. Enditem

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