NPP Ireland cautions Asanteman Council to stick with their guns

Stick To Your Guns – NPP Ireland Urges Asanteman Council


SIMPLY PUT, one of my finest authors Ama Ata Aidoo could not have been more right in her book the ‘Dilemma of a Ghost’ where she metaphorically postulates as in – If nothing touches the palm front, it will not crack!

It is a fact UK and the US directly or indirectly trains future world leaders through their educational systems. Seemingly, most politicians in Less Developed Countries across the globe have received some level of education in the developed world at a point in time and perhaps experienced the democratic principles and good system of governance with responsibility, transparency and accountability but deliberately do tend a blind eye and stubbornly ignore huge public outcry when it is time to bow out due to lapses or found wanting, above all in corruption scandals. Ghana is not immune from this canker.

Sincerely, we applaud the ex Road and Transport sector minister, Ms Dzifa Attivor for her rare bold decision when her boss President Mahama doggedly and scandalously spent over GHs 3bn to uselessly rebrand buses for undue electoral advantages. Typical, doesn’t he?

This explains why NPP Ireland, without any hyperbole calls on Kumasi Metropolitan Authority [KMA] Chief that his position is highly untenable by all accounts and it is time to go, for the world is a stage. Kojo, you are falling apart; the gods and as such Nananom are highly charged and extremely provoked and they are no longer at ease with you as a person and your position! See…/remove-kojo-bonsu-manhyia-tells- mahama.html;; Date: 2016-07-05. The list is countless as almost all media outlet is abashed.
The KMA boss must go without undue delays henceforth.

Mr Kojo Bonsu, the embattled KMA Chief, in figurative speech of Simile can at best be described as the then British Colonial Governor-General of the Gold Coast John Frederick Hodgson. Why? This Colonial Governor had the guts and wits and the cheek of him to demand the – Sika Dwa Kofi [The Golden Stool]. Literally put, the Golden Stool symbolises the Overall Embodiment of the Soul of Asante Union – Courtesy the Chief Priest Okomfo Anokye. This request was made to Nananom after the deportation and exiled of their King Prempeh I and other key chiefs/members of the Asante Kingdom to Seychelles in 1896.

Notwithstanding, the above despicable request and rudeness by the Governor warranted a secret meeting of the Asante rulers and government as to how to go about in securing the return of their then Overlord – King Prempeh I.


In reminiscence of history, NPP IRELAND wishes to place on record by drawing Asante Nananom and as such the Overlord, Otumfour’s attention to the words and bravery of our once ever powerful Warrior Heroine Queen of Ejisu, Yaa Asantewaa. During the early stage of Ashanti Empire, She bravely led Asante Rebellion against the British Colonial Administration during the war of the Golden Stool also known as the YAA ASANTEWAA WAR. She said thus therein at the aforesaid secret meeting when she sensed that some of the men were timid and could not be trusted as they were planning to secure the exiled King Prempeh’s return. She said and I quote herewith as her memory would last forever!

“Now, I see that some of you fear to go forward to fight for our king. If it was in the brave days of Osei Tutu, Okomfo Anokye [Kwame Agyei], and Opoku Ware 1, chiefs would not sit down to see their king to be taken away without firing a shot. No European could have dared spoken to chiefs of Asante in the way the governor spoke to you this morning. Is it true that the bravery of Asante is no more? I cannot believe it. It cannot be! I must say this: if you, the men of Asante, will not go forward, then we will. We, the women, will. I shall call upon my fellow women. We will fight! We will fight till the last of us falls in the battlefields”.

With this, she took on leadership of the Asante Uprising of 1900, gaining the support of some of the other Asante nobility.

Credit – Mr A. Amaniampong, My History Tutor at Osei Tutu Senior High School.

The sheer strength and unity of the Great Ashanti Kingdom is under threat and even then, our dearest Heroine Yaa Asantewaa might be shaking in her grave in the other world as I write!
Therefore, since Nananom in their wisdom have killed a ram at the Manhyia Palace to signify the end of rancour and difficult relationship with the Kumasi Mayor should he remain in his position, may we politely implore upon them to stick to their Guts and Guns firmly. And in doing so the elders claim this is not in isolation as disrespectful Kojo Bonsu continues to take them for granted – a major act of insubordination and blatant gross disrespect towards His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II – The present overlord of Asanteman and as such the occupant of Sika Dwa Kofi.

Nananom’s avowed revenge with oaths and rituals of hyperboles should not and cannot be same as the normal rhetoric and sound bites. This must be with full of venom and vigour hereafter. There should be a BIG NO to behind the scenes deals with the President [currently in Kumasi] or any of his emissaries whatsoever. Your subjects would not forgive you all and history will not be kind to Nananom should they be persuaded to compromise their stance.

On a more different note, we may require a whole book to chronicle the Kumasi Mayor’s Acts and Commissions of insubordinations and extreme stubbornness of his autocratic one-man-administration at the KMA.

For an instance, just some months back it was alleged that Kojo Bonsu was fighting tirelessly to block the comeback of Nana Kofi Senya as KMA’s Presiding Member. Some Assembly Members claim the Mayor is being haunted by alleged shady deals, Inflated Contractual Figures and Non-Disclosure of project details. And according to Mr Abraham Boadi, Assembly man for Nhyiaeso Electoral Area, he says and I quote him inter alia “All on-going market projects, particularly those at Kejetia, Tafo, Asawaso require a thorough investigations to get to the bottom of huge rots at KMA”- see, May 19, 2016.”

The woes and untold hardship inflicted on the poor market women and traders at the Kumasi Central and Kejetia Terminal are difficult to give of hand. They have been taking for a ransom often and often. Without much ado, they just cannot wait to see the back of the Mayor this week.

It is in the light of the above that NPP IRELAND herewith again, wishes to implore upon Nananom to stand firm on their stance without giving in to any political pressure or plea on behalf of wayward Kojo Bonsu. We believe his cup is full to the brim and there is no shred of a chance for him to continue as the first gentleman of Kumasi Metropolis. The mayor more often than not is always a headline bulletin for all wrong reasons. The ‘Putinism’ and ‘Mugabeism’ style of administration leaves much to be desired. A complete disrespect for and divergent and dissenting views from the Assembly members on the other side of the political discourse are nothing but thrash before him.

We trust and believe, the Ashanti Kingdom Overlord, Otumfour King Osei Tutu II, and some senior Chiefs and Royals of Asanteman such as Nana Osei Bonsu, Mamponghene, Chiefs of Bantama, Ejisu etc are doing their bits to ensure that the Avowed Oath is not a rhetoric and the earlier Kojo Bonsu was gone the better. Though, it is envisaged therefore, at least one telephone call between Manhyia Palace and the Presidency should have sealed the fate of arrogant Mayor and prevented the messy public show offs and spats.


IT is disheartening and unbelievable to see that the good old days bold leadership attributes exhibited and exercised by the two great founders of the Ashanti Empire, the Great Africa Prophet and Chief Priest Okomfo Anokye and King Osei Tutu have all but disappeared these days at the high command of Asanteman Council.

The Amoamanhene has spoken about the appalling treatment at the hands of the self-styled overlord of KMA. It is alleged that Mr Bonsu unilaterally, decided to remove Nana Agyeinim Boateng who was supposed to represent King Osei Tutu II on the board overseeing the on-going Kejetia/Central Market Redevelopment Project. And Nananom have spoken thereafter enough is enough!

Finally and however, we must also take cognisance of Mr Kojo Bonsu’s late apology on Friday, July 8, this year, which is in part as shown here:
“I shall therefore continue to cherish my relationship with Nananom and take all the necessary traditional steps to repair and protect same.”

Hello Mayor KB, this is too little too late. None are as empty as those who are full of themselves and whatever we do today; we must try to do it better tomorrow. [Emphasis mine]

Long Live Asanteman
Long Live Ghana

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