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wpid-245x210xNPPjpgpagespeedicA83u4Woh0n.jpgThe new elected chairman of NPP – ITALY?on tuesday?25 febuary, had “un grand soppresso” (a big surprise) when he was inform by one of her daughters they were surrounded by some youth in the chapter he belongs, the youth were there to show their appreciation to their new chairman, Okyere Yaw the Vicenza chapter youth organizer was the main element behind that surprise visit, he stood on behalf of the chapter’s youth who were present at the new elected chairman’s residence at schio, a suburb in Vicenza, to explain thier mission of their suprise visit. Mr. Owusu Boateng received the youth and shared some ideals with them.

The newly elected chairman of the NPP – ITALY ?Mr. Owusu Boateng expressed his gratitude to the youth for their support. Okyere Yaw, representing the Vicenza chapter youths assured Mr. Owusu Boateng that he will get all their support in his reign as their national chairman.

Youths presented at the residence of Mr. Owusu Boateng had the privilege to share with him what’s on their mind, asking him to help as much as he can to bring The New Patriotic Party to power coming 2016 elections. One Osei Tutu Anane of the Npp-Italy communication team held an interview with the new elected ?chairman on behave of the communication team.

“Chairman can you tell us about you?” Asked, Osei ?Tutu Anane from the Npp-Italy communication team. “Mr. Owusu Boateng is Ghanaian, laborer, living with two daughters and a wife.” The newly elected chairman simply described himself.

The Npp-Italy communication team representative kept on his interview with Mr. Owusu Boateng asking him his political views and knowledge acquired politically as a political activist.
“I, as a political activist, politics has been my interest since I was a teenage but, ?got the possibility to work in politics down here in Italy when Npp-Italy was formed. I’m not very much achromatic with the Ghanaian polities but, my experience obtained in politics is much important for me, and my personal views in the political scene have been very useful to people and the New patriotic party as a whole,” the chairman of Npp-Italy stated.
Mr.Owusu Boateng briefed the youth some of the works he personally has done for the chapter(Npp-Italy) he is now the chairman, specifying two branches in Italy he was able to set up when he was the first vice-chairman and acting chairman when Osei ?Menkah, the ex-elected chairman resigned.

” Even the headquarters know all I’ve been doing to keep Npp-Italy in the race, I seated the Castelfranco and Udine branches at the time Npp-Italy was in difficulties, my effort helped a lot in the 2012 general elections I was able to organize an amount of ?10.000 and fourty ?footed container containing all kinds of help that, the party and it members benefitted from it. Three constituencies also had sponsorship from Npp-Italy in 2012 general elections when I was the acting chairman, I love working with the people and also working for the people. My twenty-five years experience as an immigrant in some first class democratic countries have got much impart in my life and living live as a political activist out of my country has help me gain a whole different kind of experience I mean, the first and the third class democratic countries can’t be compared in any aspect when we talking of democracy. The third world got a long way to go, we must extend our practice of social equality and demands greater industrial democracy for our institutions” said ?Mr. Owusu Boateng.

The New Patriotic party’s chairman in Italy’s told the youth which had invaded his residence he is ready to push the Italian based chapter to the maximum levels in his reign as the chairman. He made it clear to the presented youth that he have them in mind and told them they are the party’ future so he can’t work without them, pleading them for their support and commitment whenever the party needs them.
The intervista Osei Tutu Anane questioned Mr. Owusu Boateng if he had a reason in joining the New Patriotic Party and also what are his projects for the party as a chairman in the diaspora. Mr. Owusu Boateng’s answers ?were so simply, ” as I, Owusu Boateng a right wing political activist, I could not turn my back to the NPP in 1992 because it was the only party who had the same political vision I’ve been visioning since my teenage ages. In my manifesto issued before I got elected, it had a lot of projects and I think the projects I proposed was interested that’s why the people voted me and I promise to deliver these projects to the New Patriotic Party as long as I remain chairman of the Npp-Italy. In this years of the existence of Npp-Italy we are able to build up fifteen branches in Italy in which two of them were created by me in my term of acting chairman and first vice-chairman. I made it clear to delegates and party members who were present at the Npp-Italy election congress held on the february 8, 2014 before I got elected that, with me as their chairman, I will do anything to extend branches across Italy, give more room to the youth for improvement, help to stabilize the chapter’s treasures, empowering the women in our chapter, because they’ve got much influence and the power to ensure favorable treatment towards the party.”
The newly elected Npp-Italy chairman continued with Osei Tutu Anane who represented the chapter’s communication team trying to explain his project to the youth which had stormed his residence. Mr. Owusu Boateng told them he will work out with other New Patriotic Party’s ?political forces in the diaspora to earn the right of voting since some government appointees can vote in the diaspora.
The chairman of Npp-Italy was also talked about the misinterpretation of factionalism in the New Patriotic party, ” factionalism esist in every political party and civil groups worldwide as long as their leaders are chosen, by electoral process, one may like you and same time, one may like your opponent but at the end we all come together, work asone team to serve the party.”

Mr. Owusu Boateng called all members of the New Patriotic Party to stay unite and work together to regain political power in 2016. ” We must prepare ourselves, workout our weak points, stay close to the weak ones, and I think by so doing we can regain power coming 2016 elections. We need the people’s mandate, not only the party’s mandates, winning internal election to stay opposition is not victory, is meaningless, Mr. Owusu Boateng told the youth.

He also talked about the party’s up coming national elections, urging aspirant candidates vying for various positions to do clean campaign, Mr. Owusu Boateng said, his advice to delegates who’ll be voting at the tamale congress on?april 12, 2014?not to vote any candidate who attacks one another urging delegates to vote according to one’s program, ” candidates should let us know what they are going to do. I mean, a set of related ?measures, events and activities with particular long term aims, projects that’s going to help the party in it’s victory vision in December 2016, candidates must tell us how competitive the New Patriotic Party will be if he holds office. Delegates shouldn’t forget most of these candidates vying for positions in the coming up internal elections still holds offices at various categories in the party, some are seeking for confirmation, others trying to extend their political officering to a certain grade in some honorary orders, candidates like this are easily to define, their deeds as past and current officers can help delegates to distinguish them and choose the right men and women to lead the great New Patriotic Party.”
The Npp-Italy’s chairman assured the youth of Npp worldwide that, the leaders are aware of the good work they’ve ?been doing and pleaded to them not to stop, asking presented youth in his premisses to help the diaspora chapter (Npp-Italy) with all their abilities. He concluded by these words, ” I know the youth owns the future, and the New Patriotic Party’s future is it’s youth, so the youth must be educated according to the party’s constitution and get training from their grassroots, investing in the party’s youth is the perfect investment today for a democratic party like ours.”
He extended his regards to Ghanaians, assuring Ghanaians after this tunnel journey with the NDC government, there’ll be a light.


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