On this special occasion of your presidential candidate elections, the People?s National Convention (PNC) in the spirit of mutual regard and as worthy partners in the strides for Ghana?s democracy and good governance deems it imperative and duty-bound to associate with you.

There is no gain saying that an internal party contest such as what your party is about to go through tomorrow is the foundation for the larger and deeper democratization of our dear nation, Ghana which we all aspire and hope for as political parties.

As such, we whole-heartedly take this opportunity to implore the leadership and by extension the rank and file of your party to conduct this ultimate Congress in accordance with the basic tenets of the party in order to protect the sanctity and enviable record accorded you over the years.

Given the fierce and competitive nature of the campaign so far, it is our fervent belief and conviction that the party would come out of the elections without any acrimony or rancour to enable you present a formidable front capable of standing up to the expectations of the impending 2016 general elections.

Your 18th October 2014 Congress must go down as the single most crucial event that brought your party together and not asunder.

Our party stand in support and prayers thus far as we all look forward to the elections tomorrow as a significant step for the opposition in Ghana.

Bernard Mornah
General Secretary


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