NPP And The Minority Has Miss The Plot


The battle ahead of the New Patriotic Party in strategizing their campaign plans to fight for the place in the political space and development discourses on alternative to government policies is gradually missing in all their attempts to take the government on corruption and other failures confronting the government.


The Opposition parties play a very significant role in a democracy as representatives of the people who have returned them to the House to safeguard their interests. With this view, they criticize government in case the later ignores them or conceal facts and they resort to protestation in the House and at the public level. It counts very much for awareness among the people over the specific issues of national importance and raises levels of political consciousness among them. However, sometime, just for the sake of opposition the opposition even criticizes the right policy of the government. This proves very harmful for the democracy.

There seems to be a common misconception in the so-called ?developing world? that the role of opposition parties, as the name suggests, is limited to opposing everything or anything an incumbent government proposes or suggests. But contrary to this, in emerging democracies around the world the opposition has been playing an increasingly important role in shaping policy agendas, conducting civic education, and fighting corruption, singly or in alliance with other entities.

However this fact has been largely undermined and has remained unappreciated. Typically ruling parties continue to dig deep into the national treasury and use official resources to out-compete opposition parties. Opposition parties continue to be victims of legal and political restrictions designed by the incumbent regimes.
The just ended demonstration by Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) and Occupied Ghana, speaks of weak dynamics and strategy to defeat the political game plane of the National Democratic Government, (NDC). The brouhaha and the heat of fire of words coming from Gabby Ochre Darko and the Deputy Minority in the public space show clearly that the minority in parliament and the NPP party has missed the plot.

Coalition for Joint Action (CJA) role in a form of protest and several democratic demonstration worked very well more especially, where the team and the political rational behind their dynamics give birth to the defeat of the NPP in the 2008 election. Strategically, the NDC is quiet looking in the political dilemma where all the members of the government communication has the gut to speak using their propaganda to shield all kinds of inefficiency and shortfall affecting the government, is just disgracing the prospect of the government.

But then it is very unfortunate and suicidal on the part of the NPP and the minority refusal to raised the standard of our politics in terms of effective communication on facts with well research on all shortfall of the government to make the government weak on the eyes of the potential voter not to vote the NDC to power come 2016 is an illusion.

Strategically, is AFAG platform a neutral ground for a strong political party like NPP to spell out their economic and political frustration to the government? Where are the facts backing the entire allegations been trumpeted by the NPP party chairman and all the leading members of the NPP in parliament? Where is the locus of the minority in parliament on alternative policies to what they described as weak, inefficient and corrupt of the NDC government?
Did the minority in parliament and the NPP knows the time and seasons the politics of Ghana is now? If Rawlings said the situation and the problem confronting John Dramani Mahamah government; is there is so much food, but know money to buy food to eat. This comparative calls for effective campaign on alternative policies on management of the economy more especially which has to do with, parameters of the financial markets and the value for money which has to do with, where does the government puts its priority in the national development of its citizens. The government looks to be tough more especially on disbursement of cash into the circular flow of income, rather using much time in planning before releasing money into the system.

Economically the government on the hindsight seems to be convinced in that, the introduction of the Single Spine Salary structure has deliberately increase excess liquidity into the economy, which the government seems to be mopping for the past eight months, this in the long run force the government to panic by introducing un accepted exchange rates of managing the fourex of strengthening the cedi of controlling the dollar circulation against the cedi did not work.

Inadvertently, all these mountain of problems the government faced the NPP was not in position to champion the course of their political campaign by building a strong block of building their plans and vision in a form of alternatives to convinced Ghanaians on the best direction of the economy. The strategy of shouting and trumpeting of falsehood and alarmist messages of information without backing it with facts is really affecting the party to form the next government.

What can prevent the NPP to work hard on with their research team on governance, economy, security and the voting pattern by tailoring their arguments on a direction that can guides the supporters of the party and those who have disaffected their interest with the NDC to join them. All their agenda and policies seems to follow a game plan of protest devoid of sound economic arguments on issues more especially the way forward and alternatives to bad policies the NPP seems to be affecting the economic progress of the party.

It is shocking and surprising the NPP cannot tell Ghanaians after electing of the flag bearer their regional plans and the way forward for their campaign, the party is just behaving like a political vulture ready to jump on anything that would create any political panic forgetting that, investors hope and interest is always in stable and peaceful country for their business.

Why the NPP party stay back to see how the AFAG demonstration would play out to help them plan any future protest than jumping into the frail which destroy the effectiveness of the civil group agenda painting the govt. as corrupt and inefficient. Is NPP now AFAG? There is a clear distinction in the role of a democratic civil group and a political party gunning for power com 2016. I would be back.


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