NPP, Paul Afoko And The Northern Factor In Election 2016

Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia
Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia
Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia
Nana Akufo-Addo and Johnson Asiedu Nketia

Now that the work is over, we must the next step and also diagnose the whole election and the likely effect on our politics. We thank God for seeing the NPP through in their conference. Just after the elections I heard some supporters of the NPP talking about defusing the Akanization perception haunting the party because of Afoko?s election, I took time to analyze that statement and think those making such claims are rather aggravating that perception. We have natural love and affection which is always protected and divine, the Northerners always tilting towards the NDC party can only be described as natural phenomenon devoid of false pretenses and deceit. The mistake Afoko and others are making is putting all the areas or Regions at the northern sector into one basket to suit their political permutation.

This idea disadvantage our brothers in the North and pontificate the inferiority complex perception. We have the North, Upper East and Upper West each situated within a particular geographical location with distinct traditions and culture, it is therefore wrong and dangerous putting all of them in the same political basket to advantage particular political inclination. All the Regions in the northern sector must be made to stand on its fit to compete for their natural cake any attempt to sum them together for political expediency can only be described to mean demeaning the status and strength of these Regions. Their culture and traditions are extremely different and we must respect them for that. We must stop coming out with political theories which would put them as always playing the second fiddle role.

For Afoko to think his coming to power would lure the northerners to his side is just unfortunate and an insult to his own people, the northerners have never been tribalistic, they are discerning and truthful so nobody should put out conceptions to portray the northerners as people who decide their political faith based on trivialities. The love shown by the whole northern enclave came about because of the genuineness Rawlings handled their affairs, the development which reached them and the outright respected the former leader accorded the northern elders coupled with the numerous appointments offered people of the northern extract. His decisions on the northern sector were mixed, on the religious angle he showed total respect for the Islamic religion. We must know that Islam doesn?t cut across the whole of the northern sector meaning other factors might have contributed to this show of love and admiration for the NDC.

The NDC has been a protected haven for the people from the northern enclave and one can obviously see that through their structures and appointments. Afoko will only be seen as a deceitful politician who doesn?t respect the conviction of his people if he start using the Akanization dichotomy to fight his political battle. He must recall the hell he went through fighting to capture the chairmanship position to the extent of openly coming out that he was being mud-slanged because of his tribe. From my little political work, I can assure Afoko and people who think his line that, the era when northerners were used as political sparing partners is over, that natural love between the people and the NDC can never be thwarted by this Afokoism concept.

The other issue is looking at the personalities elected into office to handle the NPP. We always know what really exist in our political parties through information shared with the public from within. During the campaign, many revelations came up, the public was freely fed with information about the various candidates who contested for various positions. Many of these revelations confirmed information gathered by certain investigation outfits. Let?s diligently go through these revelations

AFOKO: He is now the chairman of the biggest opposition party, prior to the contest, he was accused of being a gay and a gay activist for that matter many evidential materials were put out there to confirm this information. He was also linked to drug trade and we were told was once convicted for drug offence. The matter received international attention when the party requested for certain information from the Manchester authorities to confirm the information. As we speak, per the NPP director of elections own pronouncement by Ayikoi Otoo, Afoko wasn?t fully cleared of the charge but was allowed to contest based on magnanimity and to ensure party cohesion. Under civilized democracies, the state would have taken over investigations to ensure that full scale investigation is instituted. The man was hitherto, accused of siphoning party funds some time ago and was once slapped at party congress for attempting to manipulate elections to favour Alan Kyeremanteng.

KWABENA AGYEPONG: My own man but for records purposes I must state the facts. Kwabena has been accused of delinking himself from the grassroots, always supporting the politics of elitism. Kwabena has been accused severally of not respecting the grassroots.

OTIKO: She has been accused of not accounting for monies she collected from the women wing and practiced home-based administration with her cronies. She was accused of unfaithfulness coming out with news that she is the source of information from the NPP to the sitting President because of their family ties.

JOHN BOADU: Was accused of siphoning funds meant for the Nasara club, he lost his former position because of such accusations and still not considered a genuine person by some leaders within the northern block. He is also accused of looking down on persons who help him after helping him through.

SAMMI AWUKU: He is known to be one young man in the NPP whose utterances and actions put off decent and discerning minds from voting NPP. Though a calm and coward looking, he always preaches violence and there are practical evidence supporting this claim. Some executives and youngmen in the party including one person who contested him always accuse him of feeding the NDC with information about the party. He was accused of certain activities in Germany.

FREDDIE BLAY: A political prostitute that was how one CPP stalwart described him. One person who is soaked in political opportunism.

These are the people who are going to steer affairs for the NPP, and one sad revelation is the way the Gas and Ewes were suffocated in this elections. The Gas who have played tremendous roles in the party from Adam, weren?t totally robbed off in this elections.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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