NPP Serving Ghanaians With Family, Friends And Concubines Government: Frimpong Boateng


This, coming from a strong and senior member of the NPP, must serve as a clarion call for that party’s leadership?

But will it? Your guess is as good as mine. He correctly diagnosed the problem, like a specialist doctor to his patient. But the patient finds the prescription for treatment too bitter, and refuses to take it, and dies.

But for the huge-MAGGOTS and POLITICAL ROTS (who create the sustaining rotten environment for the MAGGOTS) relationship in our dear country, particularly in its MAGGOT World Bank, death is the only realistic expectation for that party. There is no political grouping in Ghana, be it civilian or military, that has had the SOLE AGENDA to wrecklessly enrich themselves, families and friends including concubines, damning the cries of the masses.

The only group that comes a distant second to them was the late General Acheampong’s kalabule regime. At that the junior ranks of the military came to the rescue. But they didn’t have enough time to remedy the near catastrophic socio-economic situation before handing over to a civilian government led by the late Dr. Hilla Liman. Sadly Liman did not have the fortitude and resources to remedy the mess Acheampong created, hence the second military take over.

This time, it is evident, printed monies have been used to bribe the key people within the rank and file of the security establishment, so that they are isolated from the pain and sufferings of the average citizen of Ghana.

Much the same for those who would cry out against the most sadistic well orchestrated socio-economic wreckage that works to the benefit of less than 1% of the country’s population.

Our national anthem has absolutely no relevance, neither our constitution, which they treat as toilet role.

Tribalism, totally blind political party partisanship, and religious bigotry has all together contributed to the national destruction with historic impunity.

Bobby Quaqoo is a freelance journalist and an African in the diaspora.

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