The NPP UK and Ireland branch?Communications Officer?Nana Yaw Sarpong says, their?attention has been drawn to an unsigned, nameless press release from ?the Youth Wing of the NDC UK and Ireland condemning a demonstration allegedly being organised by NPP UK.

According to him, the NPP UK is not organising and is not behind any demonstration here in the UK.

“Time and? again when Ghanaians from all walks of life in the UK, who have not affiliated themselves to any political party or social organisation want to protest about issues of national interest in Ghana, The NDC UK and Ireland makes all kinds of spurious allegations with have no truth in them. Their youth wing have really exposed ?themselves by showing ?a lack of maturity and understanding of issues facing Ghanaians here and in Ghana,” he stated in a release.

He also noted that the NPP UK cannot stop any Ghanaian or group of Ghanaians who believe ?they have a genuine reason to protest or demonstrate about the prevailing conditions in Ghana and that the ?current government led by Mr John Mahama with the support of the police has currently banned all forms of peaceful protest and assembly throughout? the country for no reason in flagrant disregard of the constitution.

“NDC youth in UK and Ireland should rather advice the likes of Gabby Assumeng and other senior NDC members ?who have called for civil war and ?their party youths who are on rampage opposing DCE and MCE appointments , seizing cars ,setting fire to party offices and government offices as a dress rehearsal for whatever they have under their sleeves . The judgement debt, petroleum revenue scandals ,the meat and bone GYEEDA scandals where billions of cedis have been stolen have caused anger and outrage .Ghanaians cannot be expected to be silent with all these atrocities going on.”

The NPP both at home and abroad has been well behaved, law abiding, and has approached all issues with humility, dignity ?with a sober and peaceful attitude ?and will continue to do just that.




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