NPP-USA Asks Kwesi Pratt To Shut Up

Kwesi Pratt
Kwesi Pratt
wpid-kwesi-pratt.jpgIf there is one person who has condoned P/NDC ineptitude and thievery from day one, it is Kwesi Pratt. He has allowed himself to be blinded by his hatred for anything progressive all the while indulging in what stipends allotted to him from Rawlings through Mills to Mahama. Now he wants to express shock at Ghanaians seeking asylum in Brazil? All we can say is ?save it, Mr. Stomach Journalist.?
For decades now the P/NDC has employed communist tactics to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians, steal from the national coffers, beat or intimidate anyone who stood in their way, and render our country bankrupt. Yet Kwesi Pratt not only saw nothing wrong with their governance style, he actively promoted their evil cause which ended in somewhat of a failed state as at 2000.
In 2001, President John Agyekum Kufuor led an NPP administration to clean up the mess created by the previous NDC government. From a falling cedi, through choking indebtedness to the tune of $5.8 billion, to a lawless society with little or no support services from the government to the citizenry, Kufuor managed to turn the country around to a lower-middle income status in a span of eight short years.
Cash and carry healthcare system was replaced with a continent-leading National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The cedi relatively stabilized. Capitation Grant was instituted to fund public education. National Youth Employment Program (NYEP) was established to create jobs for the youth. Business thrived and capital chased borrowers instead of the other way round. Oil was discovered in commercial quantity. Power delivery was stabilized.
Our GDP grew from $4.98 billion in 2001 to $28.53 billion in 2008 with economic growth jumping from a paltry 2.8% to 8.4% within that same period. Our national debt was trimmed to $3.8 billion representing 13% of GDP. Yet with all these accomplishments, the government was still able to subsidize fuel so as to retail it at GHC3.8 per gallon at the end of 2008. In short, Ghana was positioned to take off into the future when the Mills administration took over in 2009.
Six short years later, the NDC has managed to undo every good that the Kufuor administration did. Today our national debt has eclipsed 50% of our GDP. The cedi has plummeted in value depreciating almost 200% against the dollar. Fuel is retailing at GHC12.00 per gallon if you can find it. Electricity supply of 30 hours a week represents an 18% delivery.
As for the social interventions, they are all gone. The NHIS is bankrupt, NYEP that was changed to GYEEDA has become an avenue for stealing GHC1.045 billion, a scandal whose investigation has stalemated in multiple committees. Lack of school funding has resulted in a successful legal suit of the government by Richard Nyamah of the NPP. Civil servants go months without pay. Yet everywhere one turns, one sees obscene instances of naked corruption that can only take place in Ghana.
Yet throughout all these filth, ineptitude, thievery, Kwesi Pratt still finds a way to promote the agenda of a government that has itself given up governing. For the first time our World Cup participation resulted in a fiasco of global proportions. Ghana has consequently become the laughing stock of global media with asylum-seeking government-sponsored supporters, cash of $3 million transported on an airplane, and a soccer camp riddled with scandalous activities.
So if Kwesi Pratt has not been shocked at the shameful performance of the NDC, why is he shocked at innocent Ghanaians who are merely rising up to the reality check that Brazil represents a much better political outlook for them than their home country? Why is Kwesi Pratt shocked that the experiences to which our supporters were subjected would invariably result in their unwillingness to return to their home country? Like we said Mr. Pratt, save us your shock.
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