NPP Youth Unhappy With Gonjaland Youth President

A group calling itself the NPP Network in Gonjaland, has chastised President of the Gonjaland Youth Association, Alhassan Dramani, for aligning the association to the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC).


NPP-1-300x203.jpgAlhassan Dramani at the 40th Anniversary of the Gonjaland Youth Association in Salaga, reportedly declared the association’s support for President John Mahama’s second term Presidential bid.

The NPP Network in Gonjaland group is thus unhappy with his conduct and demands a retraction from him since the group is expected to be neutral and apolitical. Below is a statement signed by National Communications Director of the NPP Network in Gonjaland, Fredrick Tahiru.


Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we are most grateful to you for responding to our call and accepting to carry our concerns and reservations across despite the short notice.

As you are all aware, The Annual Gonjaland Youth Association congress was held in Kpembe, the traditional capital of the East Gonja District. This year’s congress also marked the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Association.

The NPP NETWORK IN GONJALAND congratulates the Local Organizing Committee in particular and all Gonjalanders in general for an incident free congress and the 40th Anniversary celebration.

The attention of the NETWORK has, however, been drawn to a wide range of unintelligent and silly issues before, during and after the congress.

The concerns and reservations are serious and must be considered in order not to marry apathy for future GLYA congresses. The reservations and concerns are as follow: 1. The conspicuous absence of the President: HE John Mahama, the President of the Republic of Ghana, a northerner and a Gonjalander, as usual ignored this year’s congress and was accosted somewhere in the Volta Region attending church services and dancing like a possessed choir master.

The president is not only enjoined to be present because he is the president of Ghana but because he is a Gonjalander.

His absence does not only amount to an escape of responsibility but an embarrassment to all Gonjalanders. 2. Politically unintelligent comments cited and heard in the speech of the president of the GLYA: Mr Alhassan Dramani, the president of the GLYA, became a monumental embarrassment and a subject of ridicule at the durbar grounds when he converted himself into the propaganda tool of the NDC and soldiered on with a litany of politically unwise and silly agenda of the NDC.

His conduct contravenes the letter and spirit of the constitution of the GLYA which forbids executive members from dabbling in partisan politics. Ladies and gentleman, Mr Alhassan Dramani acted the role of the NDC even more than the Vice President, Mr Amissah Arthur, a total stranger to Gonjaland who represented his boss at the event. The GLYA president was heard counting the ghost projects of the NDC like a fool carrying a corpse.

This man forgot of the numerous developmental projects executed by H.E President John Agyekum Kuffour and the NPP administration and turned himself into an NDC propagandist.

He did not even see the Nurses and Midwifery Training Colleges in Damango and Kpembe. He did not also see the Bole-Bamboi, Bole-Sawla, Sawla-Tuna-Wa and Tamale-Kpalbe roads.

What about the township roads constructed by the NPP in all the District capitals in Gonjaland? He even went to the extent of declaring the Association’s support for candidate John Mahama in the 2016 election. Is it not a shame to stoop so low by drugging the name of the GLYA into the mud?

It is unfortunate to say the least! Did he think that all Gonjalanders are supporters of the non-performing NDC? 3. Silence on the creation of a new Region. No youth congress passes by since 2001 when the demand was made on the creation of an additional region in the north without a repetition of the demand to enhance effective administration of the area.

Since HE John Mahama became president, the National Executives of the GLYA have all of a sudden become deaf and dumb over the issue and have only turned to seek wealth from one Minister to the other, one MP to the other and one DCE to the other for their personal gains and interests.

This issue has never been raised even once under president Mahama who is a Gonja by tribal extraction. What has gone wrong at this particular point in time? 4.

Awarding wrong personalities. Apart from the award given to the past Presidents of the Association, all the other politically motivated awards were given to people from whom the National Executives expect sympathy and favor in the form of cash, contracts, etc.

Gonjalanders like Chief Bismark Harruna, Otiko Djaba, Dr Clifford Braimah, Dr Adams Achanso, Hon Boniface Abubakar Sadique, Amadu Zakaria, James Kipo etc are more than qualified for recognition since they helped the Association in so many ways.

Is it because they don’t sympathize with the party of the president of the GLYA or because they dont have the powers to give contracts and to dole out cash to these compromised Executives of the GLYA?

This short sighted mentality of the Executives will give birth to a myriad of needless squabbles for the Association if care is not taken. 5. Allegations of corruption.

After the congress, the fallout has been allegations of corruption and counter allegation of same emanating from the fronts of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the PRO of the GLYA, Mr Mahama Harruna.

As we wait anxiously for the PRO, Mahama Harruna to put his threat to expose the LOC to fruition, checks however indicate or point a smoking gun on the head of the PRO for stealing whooping sum of GHC 4,000 donated to the Association.
Thus, Haruna accused the LOC of neglecting the media and pocketing the budgetary allocation for media persons present.

My dear friends in the media, kindly permit me to use you as a vehicle to convey this appeal to all Gonjalanders to take immediate steps to get rid of all self-seeking and egocentric individuals in the Executive cartel of the GLYA.

Finally, the response of the NPP NETWORK IN GONJALAND is a humble appeal to the leaders or the Executives of the Gonja Land Youth Association to migrate from their current posture as lackeys, stooges and opportunists into adulthood and act in a more responsible manner. As it stands now, their conduct is a source of embarrassment to all Gonjalanders.




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