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NTLF Ghana Supports Royal Seed  Orphanage  Home

Royal Seed Orphanage

Noble Touching Life Foundation (NTLF) Ghana, a humanitarian organisation that focuses on supporting children living with a birth deformity has presented has donated products worth thousands of Ghana cedis to Royal Seed Home at Kasoa, in the Central Region.

The presentation was worth GH¢70,000 and a cheque of GH¢10,000 aimed at assisting the orphanage in running their daily activities.

Food items, toiletries, babies diapers, soft drinks, clothes, Exercise Books, Slippers, Biscuits, detergents, etc, were among donated items to help reduce their daily expenditure as an orphanage.

In an interview with the Director of NTLF, Mr George Anann, said, his outfit deemed it fit to support Royal Seed Orphanage based on touching stories heard about them in running their day to day activities.

“We decided to support royal seed home based on a touching story we heard about them in day to day activities. Though, It’s not our core to support homes but based on their story and also have deformities babies as well which is our priority as Noble touching life foundation, hence the visit”.

Mr Anann emphatically said, his office will make provisions available for children with birth defects to be well cared for.

Highlighting on the NTLF plan, he said, the vision is to build a 100% free health care facility that will care for babies with the defect and mothers with defects to reduce the load on the government or the society, adding that relieving the pain of one child makes NTLF our team very happy.

Mr Anann seized the moment to commend the populace for their support and contribution over the years; adding that Noble Touching Life Foundation is genius hence supporting core worth it.

“Noble touching life foundation some of our field workers are faced with some crisis due to what NGOs has done before taking the money and there is nothing to show up for. We are 100% genius this is our course and every day we do our best to touch life out there; so whenever our workers come to them they should donate something to their boxes in order to do what we are doing today”.

He advised parents, not to abandon their babies despite the child’s conditions rather take good care of them because they are special gifts from God.

In her acceptance remarks, Mrs Naomi Esi Amuah, the chief executive officer of Royal Seed Orphanage commended Noble Touching Life Foundation for their support and asked God to strengthen them.

She used the opportunity to call on individuals, NGOs, Corporate institutions to assist them in the very little way they can, hence the government can not do it all.

She then called on mothers to avoid dumping their babies in an uncompleted building, rubbish site, etc rather send them to social welfare in order to be delivered to orphanages.

By: Beyonce Diamond Kpogli Lamptey

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  1. We have adopted 3 children back in 2014. We spent a total of 4 1/2 weeks at Royal Seed Orphanage within the 2 separate trips. We also had a separate group from our church visit Royal Seed for a mission trip. I just want to confirm how absolutely disgusting the founder, Naomi is. I’m not negating how difficult it must be to lead an orphanage. With our own eyes and the confirmation of others, most of the donations never make it to the children. When a celebrity comes to visit and donates tons of special items for the orphanage, as soon as the cameras are put away, many of those items are sold to the public at a local container (store). The kids never see it. Many kids are abused and made to sleep naked on concrete. My children often said they were only allowed 1 bowl of rice a day. They were threatened before they left to never speak of what happened there. Kids were even found hidden away in a secret room while they were receiving an inspection from the government. We are full-time missionaries, and we do most of our work in Ghana. While on our last visit, she was driving a brand-new Toyota Tundra while claiming she needs money for a reliable vehicle and solicits for those donations. She was not happy with us for finding out about some of these issues and she was angry we didn’t give her a larger donation. While trying to adopt another child (unfortunately from Royal Seed) Naomi told our adoption agency the family came to pick her up and for us to no longer come. We made a surprise visit and Naomi was incredibly angry. She locked us in the guest house with an escort. After 4 hours, I jumped the gate to visit the orphanage and I was blocked from coming in. She told us a madman was on the loose and that is why she locked us in the guest house. Some of the kids said they knew our child we were adopting, and she was still there. We later found out she paid someone to claim he was the uncle to affirm to us that she was being taken care of. That man later apologized to us for lying and said he never heard of the child we were adopting. Naomi went as far as to tell us the adoptions were too much of a hassle and that if we wanted another child, we should just work directly with her, and she would make up the paperwork and not use the proper officials. The older kids are being forced to care for the children and are denied going to school. This is one of the main reasons Naomi had to build a separate building so she can keep children enslaved and away from visitors. A private investigator was hired and confirmed what we said. We are trying to cooperate with the authorities but we’re running into walls. Please use caution if you donate to them. Please pray for the children as they are suffering under her actions. Many of your items will never get to the children. They will be used for Naomi personally, used as bribes or sold.


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