Number of Spyware Attacks on Smartphones Increased by 29% in 2022 Globally


The number of global spyware attacks on user smartphones from January to September increased by 29% compared to the same period last year and reached almost 800,000, Russian anti-virus provider Kaspersky said on Thursday.

“In January-September 2022, the number of Trojan-spyware attacks on mobile device users worldwide increased by 29% compared to the same period in 2021. In Russia, during this time, the company recorded more than 320,000 such attacks, while in the world there were almost 800,000,” the company said in a statement seen by Sputnik.

These programs collect the user’s personal data without his consent and transfer them to hackers, who gain access to correspondence in social networks and messengers, intercept and analyze user actions on the smartphone screen, and take screenshots, the statement said.

The company added that it is extremely difficult to independently determine that spyware is installed on the device. Among the indirect signs is the rapid discharge of the battery or the consumption of a large amount of traffic. However, to make sure that spyware is installed on the device, you should use a security solution or address to specialists, the company noted.

Hackers can also use stalker software, which is usually commercial spyware, the statement noted, adding that hackers need direct access to your smartphone to install such software.

According to the statement, in 2022, the Kaspersky anti-virus recorded almost 55,000 attacks on Russian users through stalker apps.

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