Numo Amatey Apedo clears his name from Ada Songor Saga

Numo Amatey Apedo
Numo Amatey Apedo

Salt Priest and a member of kingmakers of Terkpebiawe Clan in Ada, Numo Amatey Apedo Ayornu has denied the claim that he initially signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) that culminated the lease of Ada lagoon and its adjoining lands to the Chief Executive Officer of ElectroChem Ghana Limited, Dr. Daniel McKorley.

Among the allegations, the Salt Priest who is known by his traditional role as Libi Worno is accused of pocketing huge sum of money from Dr. Daniel McKorley to support the take-over, and claiming some portion of the lagoon known to the indigence of Ada as ‘yomom’ as his inheritance.

The fight over privatization of Ada lagoon started in 2020 when the Ada Traditional Council signed MOU with Daniel McKorley to produce salt in the entire 41,000 acres of lagoon and its adjoining lands.

Numo Amatey who addressed a section of the media at his residence at Kasseh in the Ada East District on the allegations said, Daniel McKorley did not established contact with the Terkpebia Clan, the lawful owners of the Ada lagoon which involved him signing any memorandum as the Salt Priest and dare critics to provide evidence that confirms his involvement.

He said: “I dare my critics to produce the document they witnessed me appending my signature on to prove that Daniel McKorley and the Traditional Council has engaged me in their agreement. I can say emphatically that my critics are perverting the truth to deface my reputation.”

Answering question on whether he has ever accepted money from Daniel McKorley, Numo Amatey stated “I am not prudent enough if I accept money from Daniel McKorley in exchange of a property and a livelihood that belongs to the entire Ada citizens. I didn’t have any dialogue with Daniel McKorley over my property so how can I take money from him?”

Speaking on the allegation that Numo Amatey has claimed a portion of the lagoon as his property, he said: “I only hold in trust the lagoon for the Terkpebiawe Clan and the people of Ada as large. I have never stepped my foot in the lagoon and never claimed any portion of it as my own property.”

Numo Amatey also explain that, no Ghanaian or anyone from Ada has the right to sell the lagoon adding the Government only hold in trust the lagoon for the people of Ada and the Terkpebiawe Clan as sole owners.

He added that he is currently being battled in court over his steadfast to lead the Terkpebiawe Clan claim their property and the livelihood of the indigence of Ada.

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