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Nutritionist urges Ghanaians to be mindful of the nutritional value of diet


Mr. Raphael Kwabena Angmortey, Nutritionist, Ada-East District, has cautioned Ghanaians to eat foods of high nutritional value to boost their immune system.

He said: “Good nutrition promotes growth and development, reduces the risk of chronic diseases for overall health and wellbeing.

“The immune system is one’s defense against diseases hence the need for good nutrition to boost the immune system and keep it healthy.”

Mr. Angmortey, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Ada, said the body relied on energy outsourced from the foods and drinks consumed.

And, “there are a lot of food combinations that people classify as healthy but in fact from a nutritionist’s perspective they are not; so we must be careful of what we take into our body at all times.”

He cautioned against the use of saltpeter as a catalyst to speed up cooking process as it contains iron absorption.

Saltpeter, also known as potassium or sodium nitrate, is used in preparing different meals. It is one of the most common ingredients in food processing all over the world.

“Beans are rich in iron but people mix it will saltpeter which is wrong, some people also add saltpeter to okro, but if one slice onion into okro it will give you the same effect, which is healthier,” he said.

He said the perception out there that mixing milk with turkey burry enhanced blood was a wrong combination because the calcium in the milk inhibited iron absorption.

He said turkey burry needed to be taken with orange or pineapple to meet the intended purpose.

Mr. Angmortey said mixing alcohol with milk did not help blood formation and urged Ghanaians to seek the right information to protect themselves from avoidable health conditions.

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