Nzema youth express concern over invasion of sea weeds

Sea Weeds
Sea Weeds

The youth of Nzemaland have expressed concern over the invasion of seaweed which were gradually taking over the beachline of the area.

They lamented that gluts of coastal seaweeds could have damaged influence on the coastal environment and called on the various government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other stakeholders to come to their aid.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Patrick Ekye Kwesie, President of the Western Nzema Youth League, lamented how the seaweed threatened the serene beaches of the Nzemaland.

“Fishermen are struggling to meet their catch. We want to know what is happening to this sudden invasion. The sea is everything to us,” he stated, while indicating that the discovery of oil had not translated to development on Nzemaland despite the constant struggle through numerous activities offshore.

“In our work as coastal scientists, we are shocked that authorities watch these invasions become the new norm, choking beaches and they turn clear blue waters golden brown,” he said

“Along with other researchers, we are struggling to understand why sargassum has proliferated into this new sprawling bloom, how to deal with such massive amounts of it, and how affected communities in Nzema can predict the severity of the next influx,” he added.

Mr Kwesie spoke about the dangers of the seaweeds and said they striped oxygen from the water, killing fish and seagrasses that offered key habitat for many species.

“It may reduce sunlight needed by ocean plants and smother shallow coral reefs, like those in the Beyin area in Jomoro,” he added.

However, he mentioned that value could be added to it to make it useful and called on the government to explore that possibility.

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