Obrafour and Hammer
Obrafour and Hammer

These two have been together for a decade and eight years (18) and are still the best of friends. Hammer posted on his Facebook page that Obrafour and Himself have been friends for 18 years.

Obrafour and Hammer
Obrafour and Hammer

Hammer is known as the mastermind behind Obrafour’s huge music success producing one of the best album’s in our industry ‘Pae Mu Ka’ for Obrafour.

The two co-produced Obrafour’s compilation ‘Execution diary’ which exposed a lot of rappers in the music industry.

18 years down the lane their magic is just like yesterday. Hammer and Obrafour are still producing amazing records which are topping charts in the country.

Hammer’s Last two legendary song ‘Ye da Wase’ which featured Obrafour, Tinny, Sarkodie, Edem and Kwaw Kese still sounds fresh like it was produced today.

Hammer & Obrafour are indeed an icon every youth looks up to in the music industry. The likes of Sarkodie, among many young successful rappers in the game now have all testified that they looked up to Obrafour when coming into the music business.

Source: Kasapaonline.com


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