An apolitical pressure group, Occupy Ghana has in very strong words cautioned government against any decision to accept hosting the 2015 African Cup of Nations in the country.


This follows an announcement by Mahama Ayariga, Minister of Youth and Sports, to the effect that Ghana is ready to stage the competition slated for January and February 2015. Original host, Morocco withdrew in the last minute stating it was no longer interested and cited the devastating effects of Ebola and the World Health Organisation’s increased risk alerts of the disease spreading through social gatherings such as football tournaments. South Africa, the other country aside Ghana, CAF approached as alternative hosts, also rejected hosting the tournament and noted it couldn?t accept potential participating nations Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, who are the worst hit of the deadly disease which has killed over 4,000 people worldwide mainly from the three countries.
However Occupy Ghana believes the country should chart the course of Morocco and South Africa and reject staging Africa?s biggest football tournament.

Speaking to Live News? Ekow Annan, member of the group, Capt (Rtd) Budu Koomson urged government to as matter of urgency assess the risk involved in hosting the Nations Cup as the country enjoys close proximity to the epicentre of the disease.

?Have we really assessed the risk? The quantum of it, the depth of the risk that is associated with hosting this state in the light of Ebola,? he quizzed.

Capt Budu Koomson in an apparent reference to Mr Ayariga?s assertion that the country is ready to host the tournament, queried the Minister of Youth and Sports ?What do you mean by we are ready? Have we assessed the risk as a people? Has he consulted all the experts in this area for us to come to a conclusion as a nation that collectively yes we accept the risk? Or it is some group of people sitting somewhere exposing all of us to the risk? If you have done that broad base consultation and analysis, put it out in the open and let us see that, yes you have taken an informed decision.?

The non partisan civil group which has been holding a series of activities including protest marches against what they term the high levels of corruption and bad economic practices of the Mahama administration have vowed to resist any attempts to stage the tournament in the country.

But Capt Budu Koomson, has entreated Ghanaians to join in the struggle and eschew all acts of cowardice.
?I believe we should be more activists, if you don?t like something come out and speak. We?ve got too many cowards cowering in Ghana .We all mutter, we mutter under our breath, we don?t like something we discuss it in our bedrooms, in our offices and we would sleep,? he said.

?That is our trouble, you can talk your talk, yentie obiaa, and that is where we are now in Ghana. You want to hit the road to demonstrate something, nobody comes. Look at Hong Kong, look at the Middle East, look around; we are a timid, docile people. And I say it without no apologies, you try to do something, they will hang you to dry alone,? he fumed.

By: Ekow Annan/Live FM
[email protected]/twitter: ekowskare


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