By: Mazi OkwuOkwu

Injustice to the saints is an affront to humanity and Great Chi that must be repudiated by all living souls irrespective of the lines of social divides and culture. Consequently, I hereby expresses great discomfort and discontentment with the Federal Government of Nigeria and her security outfits that fear and beg the Islamist Boko Haram terrorists and likes? for dialogue and at the same time fighting and killing the non-violent agitators of Self determination like the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM), Indigenous People of Biafra (under Radio Biafra), Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB)and others asking for the re-establishment of the Republic of Biafra.

wpid-goodluck-jonathan2745283b1.jpgThe continuous killings, harassments and arrests of the Biafran Self-determination activists as seen with the recent arrests of the non-terrorist BZM leader Barr Ben Onwuka and his followerswhile leading peaceful protest, currently been detained and tried for treason against Nigeria in Enugu State haveagain raised mountainous questions on the bases of the Nigerian stateand remain condemnable as well as ignoble.

One wondered when Man?s inalienable rights, the United Nations? Universal Declaration on Human Rights, UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007), African Charter on Human and Peoples? Right and world-wide acclaimed ?right to self-determination? which Nigeria is all signatory to, has suddenly become TREASON. One sees this Nigeria?s latest anti-Ben Onwuka/BZM and other Biafra agitators disgusting war as fostering of herongoing post-Biafra war economic trenches and determined efforts to undermine Igbo nation and her interests and a continuation of the evil acts making Igbo citizenry the scapegoats of the Nigerian politics that may eventually spring Igbo Clan Spirit fruition.

Here be it noted, we have been having many a terrible cases of ethnic militias? uprisings, Islamists Boko Harams terrorists? attacks, destruction of lives and properties; and arrests of the top terrorist-suspects and sponsors in Nigeria; yetignobly regrettable that none has been seriously prosecuted for treasonable felony. Yet Nigeria and her Gestapo Police has suddenly waked up calling for the head of the BZM leader Ben Onwuka and his harmless disciples?

Whereas the leaders of the armed/ violent ethnic militias are having fields? day and along with the Boko Haram terrorists have not merited such a dehumanizing clamp-down, it is holistically a gross case of continuation of the irrational bias and the perennial injustices against Ndi Igbo in Nigeria for Nigeria and her security agents to arrest and order Ben Onwuka and Cos for treason trial. A good spirited person must condemn this, the same way he ought to condemn in strong terms the serial killings of Ndi Igbo and destruction of their properties across the country especially in the Northern Nigeria. No wonder, the rise of Boko Haram terrorists and other Islamists bloodletting groups that have endangered the humanity of all is result of the blood of the saints crying to high heaven and been demanded by Mother Earth breaking the silence and inactions of the gullible mass and culpable leaders and governments.

The blood letting hunters are now hunting selves down saying that they are killing ?animals? not sparing even the British that unduly gave them imperiumthat Bretons and their look-alike White men are like the Igbo now endangered species. I mean British and her fellow Whiteanity entente cordiale colonial masters that stole our land and sold our spirituality to the straightjacket Christianity branding us their ?God given Children? but while lowering their imperial flags give power to the holders of swords they also told us are God forsaken people and enemy of God of Israel that they brought to save us? I think it now makes sense theoretically that ?WESTERN EDUCATION IS A SIN (BOKO HARAM)!

How I wish the Boko Haram will drop arsenals of mass destructions and come up with intellectual militancy espousing the cause of theoretical Boko Haram that we may see how the colonial masters failed us with conquest histories and scholarship seeing us having educated corrupt elites milking the commonwealth dry?

But here be it asked: where were Nigeria government and her ?self-contented nationalists? ripping off the commonwealthwhen the harbingers of Islamism got 12 states of the North opted out of Nigeria?s Constitutionalism and democratic alternatives and declared Sharia rule that has messed up the (military imposed) Nigerian Constitution and equality in Nigerian nationality, which gives the Islamist Boko Haram and co. the starting point to push for the forceful Islamization of Nigeria? What then still drives Nigerian State that does not want Biafra be when she? derailed on Great Zik?s path to Nigerian nationalism, reneged on all agreed bases of NO VICTOR, NO VANGUISHED leading to non implementation of the Biafra ? Nigeria War Treaty especially the 3-Rs Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction? Must agreement breached by one party be binding on another? Who or which law says so? I want to know.

Inequality in Nigerian Nationality has seen NdiIgbo and Christians up North and Middle Belt killed like sheep without shepherds and no serious personality has been ordered for treason by the Federal Government of Nigeria and her Security outfits despite the open source intelligence and security discoveries pointing to ?political big fishes?? Why and why always pummeling on Ben Onwukas, Ralph Uwazuruikes, NnamdiKanus and Biafra agitators, alone? Is this how to guarantee equality in Nigerian nationality, I mean by enslaving Biafrans and others to the self-beseemed born to rule North killing people like fowls? Is it wise to go after the Islamist terrorists that have rejected equality in Nigerian nationality destroying humanity of all and at the same time going after those still professing constitutionalism and democratic alternatives (I MEAN BIAFRANS) like terrorist, at a go?

It must be said that terrorists? acts and crimes in Nigeria as led by Islamist Boko Haram and likes have reached an embarrassing peak that the Federal Government and Security networks have to leave the nonviolent Ben Onwuka, his disciples and other Biafra/self-determination agitators alone and battle the Islamist terrorists monsters to the root and stop this erratic anti-terrorism fights. Massive arrests of the Boko Haram terrorists and disclosures about their high profile backers and arms keepers have been made. We, thereforewondered what else is needed to eradicateBoko Haram and Cosrebellions? It is not conspicuous that the same Nigerian state that killed harmless Comrade Ken SaroWiwa and co. for simply being members of [an environmental rights] organization that allegedly went violent now seem to be shielding terrorists and their financiers already exposed? Can this be happening if Nigeria meant business with her anti-terrorism war?

Federal Government of Nigeria must be told out-rightly that by recommending nonviolent agitators of the Republic of Biafra for treason trials, as seen with Ben Onwuka, Uwazuruikeand Cos that have never slapped anyone in the course of Biafra agitation, she is trying to re-open Igbo?s unhealed Biafra wounds and inversely asking for another warring disaster. This may definitely lead to many un-bargained crop-ups that would be difficult to contain this time around.

The FGN must be toldthat her alleged friendly anti-terrorism fight disposition to theBoko Haram led Islamist terrorists and their partners in crime, to the extent of making amnesty cum empowerment offers, while heroes of non terrorists Self-determination like Barr Ben Onwuka and Cos are to be detained and charged for treason is highly ridiculous, unimaginative, unlawful, witch-hunting and senseless. Is it not in the best interest of Nigeria to study the undying passions for Biafra despite the Biafra war holocausts, also look inward and find out why all the ethnic nationalities that fought Igbo led Biafra are today asking for self-determination with armies of ethnic militias, here and there; than chasing and hounding UmuOwuwaAnyaanwu(Children of Land of the Rising Sun)? What a cadaverousefulefunationalism/dance!

FGN has always through her unwarranted treason dragnets on Biafran agitators as seen presently hanging on Ben Onwuka and his non terrorists BZM sending a wrong message that peaceful approaches to struggle are no longer honoured but violence, abductions and terrorism as have been the case in recent time Nigeria. One strongly condemned such a system as being anti-social and anti-human and feared that it may not only lead to the death of Nigeria (assuming she is alive) but dealt a big blow to worldly peace. This portends that there are neither path to honour nor equality in Nigerian nationality, anymore! Some enjoy culture of impunity destroying properties and killing the humanity of all while those still believing in civil and democratic alternatives are either hounded into prisons or got killed through extra-judicial killings as seen with BZM Members, IPOB (under Radio Biafra London), MASSOBIANS, BILIE Human Rights Initiatives and other pro-Biafra agitators. This cannot be the One Nigeria of the Great Zik but a Nigeria making descent into culture of impunity and disnigerianization! But who cares?

Be it said that terrorists have never been seen nor described as ?freedom fighters? the way leading Northern leaders like the Gen MohammaduBuhari, rtd, and MallamNasir El Rufaiequating them with the Niger Delta Ex-militantsare doing while they commit crimes against humanity. Definitely, while the Igbo youthsunderstood the requisite of the amnesty granted to the Niger Deltas? environmental rights and resource controls agitators, they are waiting in the wing to see amnesty and or empowerment for the Islamist Boko Haram terrorists and Cos. They are ready toembrace rebellion if it becomes what it takes to be heard, conciliated and empowered. One stalwartly call for massive job creations and opportunities for the army of youths roaming the streets as a proper way of building human resources than to wait doing so only for those who fire guns and throw bombs against the state and humanity!

One strongly warned that any person, group, tribes or sects that want Ndi Igbo to remain perennial sacrificial lambs in this 21st century will sooner or later live to regret because the Igbo are now wiser and enriched in both human and natural resources that can only be undermined to anyone?s or group?s colossal damage. One is warning that no one can guarantee the state of peace in Nigeria especially amongst the army of the unemployed Igbo youths if Ben Onwuka and other Biafran agitators are not released or tried/convicted for treason for just asking for the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra Rights as guaranteed by United Nations 2007 declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous People, among it is right to statehood.

One also, warned that those advising the FGN to go after the Pro-Biafra agitators that are mostly sympathetic to the embattled Presidency of Jonathan AzikiweEbeleGoodluck do not wish Mr. President well. The first Azikiwe is the beauty of all that is good enough for Africa; this second Azikiwe shall not fail. We all owed him good wills to triumph in the midst of unspeakable sabotages. Helping steering the troubled and distressed Ship of Nigerian state to safe coast: If we are parting ways; it is better done in peace.

One suspects, some people are up for sinister moves while tactically drawing unnecessary frictions and battle-line between President Goodluck and his Igbo kinsmen! Assuming without conceding that Mr. President had his impresson the current clamp-down on young leopards, be it warned that no one has won a battle against his kinsmen. One dare asks: Where are the wise men and women of the political Niger Delta? Be it reminded to whom it may concerned troubling the young leopards that the Igbo live to posit: ?Onyeakpakwanaagu aka n?odu; ma o di ndu, ma o nwuruanwu [Let no one dare touch a leopard?s tail; whether it lives or not alive?. This Ilu is enough for the wise!

Come what may, feelers from Igbo nation (especially her young leopards) confirm unanimous ideological belief in people?s right to self-determination and firmness of principle. That they stood in solidarity with the neo-Biafra agitators as seen led by this great freedom fighter and social justice crusader Ben Onwuka; and therefore demands that the order to try him and his disciples for treason be dropped by the Federal Government with immediate effect.Try or convict Ben Onwuka and Cos and dare Igbo nation and her young leopards!Federal government of Nigeria leave Ben Onwuka and his Biafra Zionist Movement and other Biafra agitators alone since they meant no harm to human lives and property; hunting, suffering and killing them for no just reason may force the YOUNG LEOPARDS OUT ? living, thinkingand doing otherwise.

Finally, one in the face of the anti-social clogs on Igbo?s wheel of progress and noticeable inequality in Nigerian nationality; hereby reiterates Ohanaeze Youth Council?scall for a referendum todetermine the Igbo?s political future within or outside Nigeria as enunciated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007, through a plebiscite organized by the Igbo/United Nations.? And as well, warn that no one or group has monopoly of violence! It pays to live peaceful! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! No death is cheap, whether that of a terrorist or counter-terrorist. Death is death. ! Our soldiers, police and security men shall not be made helpless victims by the Nigerian state and citizenry they elated to defend and or die for! They deserve better live and improved resources to train their own children and contribute their own quota to the economy than ever serving sacrificial lambs.

Northern Nigeria is already restive and cumbersome, opening another war front in the jungle of the Young Leopards with undying passions for Biafra may not be a good option to the humanity of all. The best option than doing the later is to peacefully declare this Nigerian marriage of the strange bedfellows over than to have us eventually fighting irretrievably and be at the mercy of the arms runners, seekers of raw materials and resources creeping-working to keep industries of the East and West up and doing;while Africa go down with theaters of war and absurd?s, biological weapons,diseases andpoverty, debts burdens and imperial fissures.

Wait a minute! I can hear my ancestors ululating, saying ?Let the real madmen that claps for the demented go on with their follies?. And I asked why, and Afa (Ifa) submits: ?Let those transferring terrorism and counter-terrorism wars to Africa continue digging their mass grave while discrediting governments, military, police and other security men for the mess they dubiously created and sustain to make cheap monies and opportunities. It will surely favour Africans at the long run: Only that she will suffer heavy necessary loss?. How do you mean, oh Afa that sees and tell where the palm-fruits ripe in the bosoms of the spirits? ?Agwu child, don?t you know that if Nigerians that are being denied VISA for using brainpower that rattles and unsettles the cabals and cabal-agents eventual assumes the status of war ravaged people, it would be open doors (political asylums unlimited) that will eventually see Africa(ns) rising?? Yes, of course!

Oh, Afayou still have something to say! ?Yes, my Agwu child.Cry no more. Know you for sure that the super-racists? economies/world will if they provoke clash of Whiteanity and Arabianity civilisation wars in Nigerialive paying dearly for all their political and economic terrorism onto Africa/humanity: Since,Nigerians are WONDERFUL GEMS in brainpower, economic maneuvering games, counter-smarting-intelligence, human diplomacy, etc. Mostly, Africans (especially youths) will likely claim to be Nigerianstaking to political asylums andeverywhereness of the Nigerians that presently unsettles the super racially inclined economies and globalists with ill motives.

?Once the plausible Whiteanity and Arabianity final clash of civilization war begins, let all young Africans (including soldiers, police and other security outfits) jet out to any choice greener part of the world as Nigerian Asylums Seekers,and when the Internationalists (Peace?) Keeping Forces that will come guiding the Black Gold of the Bight of Biafra /Gulf of Guinea are done wasting their resources, expending their outdated weapons and testing their newest arms discoveries, UmuAfrikashall then,like the Jews, come home to rebuild the Africa?s Motherland with improved human resources, gathered intelligences and ingenuities of espionages carried out in the diasporas? ?and dismantle Berlinismand her social and time spaced prisons for Fresh Gardening African Universe?.

Afa I have heard you again asking what I make of your akuoyibensugbe. Well, I will,like a little child that tells his peers: ?I will not tell you that my Mama bought akara (beans ball) eeeeh?; not tell the killers of Africa and humanity what you (Afa) just revealed that the Ilulogy contention that ?thatched roofs? thorns will always pierce-blind those that live in their own house and come to live in our own house? will come true. Afa, you have bared it all that what they call terrorism and counter-terrorism wars are clashes of Whiteanity and Arabianity civilizations that long held humanity hostage. Now, they have brought the terrorism and counter-terrorism wars home to Africa telling humanity to file in. Be not deceive, to continue letting imperial fissured system seeing you dismembering kinship-self that have been Africa?s beauty long before the emergence of Whiteanity and Arabianity illusive and devilish wars.

How I wish the African:(i) Will open his eyes to the deceptions of religious politics and conquest histories and scholarship, (ii) Leave behind the imposing internationalized ?Whiteanity personality? and ?Arabianity personality? of the racial supremacistskilling Africa and humanity while respectively fighting and claiming to be ?Talking God?s/Allah?s Mouthpiece/chosen race?; (iii) Give the Supremacists back their Bible and Gun, Koran and Sword to havehis stolen land and mind back. May Chi (Vitality force) be the strength of the awakened Africans and humanocrats beyond borders that will think this line of action ?uniting humanity across all gulfs of separations for the enthronement of humanocracy!

What else, asks Afa? Yes, I have seen that we are killing ourselves for the advancement of the invading imperial cultures? cabals and cabal-agents interests while thinking that we have political and economic advantages to make out of them. I have seen that I have no enemy anywhere ? whether political, economic or colour wise if I can see and accept the humanity of my fellow human. And allow Allah/God to fight for His enemies if He is actually almighty.

Of course,almighty this and that up in the sky cannot need my mortal hands to be great and win battles if He is actually?almighty? and has/have enemies. This is the core teachings of Humanocracy ? that man has to be human enough to interact with self and the ecospheresmaking useful gains for his lifespan and age-long kinship-self and stop the needless culture of powering the assumed Immortal with mortal hands of his. Kpum!


MaziOkwuOkwu,is Secretary, Board of Trustees/Project Expansion Emissary,Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC and former, National Coordinator, Concerned Youths of Nigeria. He writes from No. 31 EzikeNwamiriaku Avenue, Umungwu ? Umuohama, Ukpor, Anambra state. Email:[email protected] Tel: 234-(0)803-555-9193.


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