Some say that contesting the result in court means one is a ?bad loser.? Or worse, it means that one is trying to ?disgrace? Ghana before the international community, whose observers have declared the election ?free and fair.?

What type of mentality is that? The NPP, by deciding on court action, is confessing publicly that it was ?outsmarted? by NDC operatives at the collation centres, if not at the polling stations. If the rigging was so cleverly done that the party with the most to lose ? the NPP ? could not detect the rigging until after the fact, then what possibility did mere observers have of determining that something was going wrong, at the time the rigging was actually taking place?

Last week, I heard a businessman, who has invested money in Ghana, and who considers Ghana as his ?home?, saying that the matter should be dropped ? so that we should have peace and stability! And I asked him, ?You brush the concerns of over five million voters under the carpet, and you think that will bring peace and stability??

He said, ?one of my workers said that if the presidency is taken from Mahama by the court, he will go and get a cutlass and kill every Asante he sees.?

I said ?But that is primitive; it is blackmail. And you should educate your worker to see that he is wrong. If you dismiss him tomorrow without giving him adequate reason or paying him his entitlements, he will take you to court and you will do what the court says, or your business will be at risk. Or his union will take you to court on his behalf. And if you fail to do what the court says, your beloved business will be sold to pay the costs of the litigation. Yet when he talks such atavistic nonsense to you, you tut-tut, shake your head and walk away without educating him.

?You say, ?I don?t want Ghana to go the way of Serbia, or Bosnia, or Egypt, or Lebanon or Syria.? But how long has the Middle East, for instance, been in turmoil? And why is that? It is because the politics of the Middle East are not based on truth and fairness?.

No, I think we over-rate ourselves in Ghana. Badly.

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