Ohenenana Obonti Krow Replies Prof. Mike Oquaye

Mr Kofi Adams, Dr. Jerry John Rawlings and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey
Mr Kofi Adams, Dr. Jerry John Rawlings and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey
Mr Kofi Adams, Dr. Jerry John Rawlings and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey
Mr Kofi Adams, Dr. Jerry John Rawlings and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey

I feel very uncomfortable challenging works of persons we recognize as academic gems in our country but,in recent times political dogmatism is influencing the thinking line of some otherwise fine brains in the country. Professor Oquaye recently said something about the Nkrumah government which was factually incorrect all because of his position in our contemporary politics.

I think our academia must do well to disassociate their academic work from the pure politics they involve themselves. For Prof to attribute the current ethnic dynamics favouring the NDC to Jerry Rawlings, can only be described as a cry coming from a desperate intellectual. The Prof must go back and critically assess the historical antecedents leading to this situation than just coming out with unscientific research findings exposing him to unnecessary public ridicule.

The statement can also be interpreted to mean he doesn?t support the numerous support Rawlings gave these minority tribes during his reign. A leader can only be admired based on practical support he offers his people so, for Jerry Rawlings and his Party to galvanize massive support from these ethnic groups because of massive support offered them,can?t be described or interpreted in a negative way as done by Prof Oquaye. If Prof had traveled to these areas prior to the coming into office of Rawlings, he wouldn?t have made those academic errors. After the demise of Nkrumah, the North was virtually neglected by subsequent government,factories built by Osagyefo were allowed to collapse and social infrastructure deteriorated to the highest point. It took the Dexterity of Jerry Rawlings and his government to revamp activities there and to bring back the area to an appreciable level with massive infrastructure and provision of certain common amenities which have eluded them for years.

The Rawlings administration also masterfully handled chieftancy issues in the area with dexterity and truth and never showed biases.On top of this the Rawlings government did the right and balanced thing by instituting the various Islamic holidays on our national calendar, all these decision brought our northern brothers more closer to the south ensuring ethnic harmony. Talking about the Ewes, it is just natural that all human beings and institutions from Adam usually support their own, Jesus was always proud of his JEWISH background and God though said created us in his own Image showed clear bias by stating his exceptional love for particular group of people so could order Israel to go and finish the Amaleks and Ammonites.

Look It is just natural that the Ewes love their own if anything at all,i will say it is rather the Ashantis who are ungrateful talking about the Rawlings issue. Rawlings really developed the Ashanti Region,he showed exceptional love for the region but the people responded with ?Akonta b3 si fam? meaning their brother in law will go. Prof must compare development in the eweland and the Ashanti Region under Rawlings and the clearest answer would be that Jerry overly worked in the Ashanti,yet what is the Ashanti philosophy on Rawlings Prof.

The Prof ought to have also considered the formation of the npp,though we had few persons from the other tribes involved in the formation of the NPP, from the days of the Danquah Busia fun club,the Akans dominated the party and exerted excessive control over the party, the Danquah Busia philosophy predominated their activities forcing the Nkrumahists remnants to join the NDC as the most comfortable tradition to compete against the Danquah Busia forces. Naturally, the NPP couldn?t manage the Akan dominance until Kufuor took over, he did his best but the perception had eaten deep so when those after Kufuor rebranded the Akan dominance philosophy,other minority tribes who hitherto tilted towards npp immediately shifted to the NDC.

Prof Oquaye must rather ask himself why his own people have chosen the ndc as their comfort zone,the kind of language we speak the decency of it contribute to this imbalances he is talking about.During the Rawlings era,there was a move spearheaded by Professor Mawusi Dake who was with the Nkrumahist family and Arnold Quainoo, Kojo Tsikata and others and their decision was that, the must make sure the ewe students continue their education without impediment, which was masterful,what did Prof Oquaye do for his people with all his academic prowess. I don?t think the Prof must allow some us to come out with certain developments in India during his time as high commissioner.

Ending my first epistle i will advise the Prof to see Rawlings as a pillar and a deep thinker and master planner his good and masterful ideas are what has consolidated the pillars of the NDC across the various ethnic groups including our own Ga.

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