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OIC releases weekly bulleting on Israeli crimes on Palestinians

weekly bulleting on Israeli crimes
weekly bulleting on Israeli crimes

From 6 to 12/2/2024, the number of Palestinian martyrs reached 872, most of whom were in the Gaza Strip. 12 Palestinians fell in the cities of the West Bank. 1178 people were also wounded as a result of the aerial and artillery bombardment of the cities of the Strip. Israeli violations in Palestine, in general, amounted to about 3,004 violations including killing, wounding, and arresting civilians in addition to settler attacks, raids on the blessed Aqsa Mosque, demolition of buildings, confiscation of property, closure of crossings and roads, erection of checkpoints, and shooting.

Israel, the occupying power, intensified attacks on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, with expectations of more massacres in the city, where more than 1.3 million people are overcrowded, most of whom are displaced people fleeing the Israeli bombing of the northern and central Gaza Strip, which witnessed 105 massacres. Yesterday, 12/2/ 2024, was the most violent day of the period under review by the OIC Observatory, with 166 martyrs and 204 injuries. Violations in general amounted to about 517. In addition, 55 Palestinians were detained. This was the highest number of detainees in one single day (out of 195 Palestinians detained over the period under review).

On the other hand, on 10/2/2024, six-year-old “Hind Rajab” was found trapped in her relatives’ car. She died days after making a distress call while with a number of dead bodies of her relatives in a car that stopped near a fuel station in Tal al-Hawa, south of Gaza, after coming under shooting from the occupation forces. Two paramedics, attempting to respond to the girl’s rescue call to the Palestinian Red Crescent, were also killed in the carnage as the occupation forces targeted anyone trying to approach the car. Hind’s case caused global humanitarian sympathy.

After 4 months of the Israeli aggression, the number of martyrs totaled 28,340, while the number of injuries reached 67,984.

In the West Bank, the occupation forces arrested 195 people in various cities, towns, and villages in daily raids, while the blessed Aqsa Mosque was subjected to raids throughout the period under review. Settlers carried up to 25 attacks on villages and towns in the West Bank during the same period.

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