Okay For The Church To Do Politics – Most Rev. Kwasi Sarpong

The Archbishop Emeritus of Kumasi Archdiocese, Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong said, religion must not only be centred on pious act of prayer and fasting but must also impact on the social, economical and political lives of people.

Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong
Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong

According to him, as Christians it is expected of them to put light to the world by killing doubt, ignorance and fear in people for them to be able to express themselves in matters of public interest and good governance.

Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong
Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong

Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong was speaking at a public lecture organized by the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology under the theme, “The Church and Politics; The Ghanaian Experience,” and chaired by Franklin Cudjoe, President and Founder of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education.

He said, politics is a skilful management of public affairs that ensures maximum affection and happiness of citizens hence the church cannot stand aloft when matters of public affairs arises because, according to him the Church and Politics have the same constituency.

‘The pulpit and platform address same social problems that affect the people,” he said.

In the light of this, he charged people to stop condemning the church from dabbling into politics. He noted that the Ghana National Anthem which spelt out the responsibility of all to resist oppressors’ rule gave the chance to the church and its leaders, authority to educate followers on how to resist the oppressor’s rule and make Ghana governable for the politicians.

He explained that during the Apartheid regime, Bishops of Southern African countries in 1977 issued a statement making it clear that they could not be faithful to the gospel of the Lord unless they became sensitive to the requirements of social justice.

Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong also said, the church is not an obstruction to social justice since it deals with beings situated in concrete conditions.

“Human beings are a composite of elements and should not be treated piecemeal. The Church has no alternative but to involve herself in the total liberation of the human being,” he said.

He said, Bishops and priests are bound to tell the true message of the gospel, and that a priest who joins in the struggle for justice is “surely not dabbling in politics but performing his duty as a prophet of God who says, what God wants him to say, damn the consequences.”

Speaking from the Bible, Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong said, during the time of Jesus, He questioned the political, economical, social and religious life of the Israelites and shook the dreadfully false foundation on which the Jewish society had been formed.

“He minced no words in pointing out what was diametrically opposed to the pursuit of God’s kingdom, namely prestige, ethnocentrism, and power.”

According to him, Jesus crashed head-on with the rich and the powerful who, oppressed their own people and described Herod as a fox, the Pharisees as hypocrites and vipers, hence the Church in imitation of Jesus has to prophetically denounce evil in the society.

He said, Ghanaian Christians must be involved in politics so as to evangelise the political scene with the necessities of the gospel of justice and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, appealing to the church to remain neutral but speak against evil in the administration of justice perpetrated under the arms of politics.

Source: Newsghana.com.gh


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