Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi cannot dictate to Anambra State PDP


???.We shall always remember and we will never forget

I am never afraid of standing for what I believe in even if it means standing alone.Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi?s recent attempt to stampede PDP members in Anambra state is a surgical operation performed without anaesthesia.It should be recalled that in line with party?s directive and in the spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship,the stakeholders of Anambra State PDP tried to forgive Olisa Metuh and his errand boy Ken Emeakayi on account of their disgraceful roles during the last Governorship election in the state, but these two individuals have once again proved their unrepentant disposition and disrespect to stake-holders and elders who have suffered to build our great party stage by stage and brick by brick for almost two decades

wpid-National-Publicity-Secretary-of-the-Peoples-Democratic-Party-PDP-Mr-Olisa-Metuh.jpgIt should be recalled that Olisa Metuh and the dissident Ken Emeakayi in their shameless and anarchic crescendo stage-managed a State congress where calls for aspirants to pick forms was dubiously drafted on a public holiday,due process and party principles sacrificed paving way for his errand boys to be selected and stampeded on the stakeholders of the party in a commando-like manner. This has clearly shown the level of desperation of Metuh and his crew and we must put a stop to this.Enough is enough

Anambrarians deserve to know the truth.The likes of Emeakayi and Metuh have been sucking the party as leechesand have refused to spare the party the benefits of recovery.It should be noted that Ken Emeakayi as a matter of principle has no reason to still hover around the party. During the November 16, 2013 governorship election, the sum of N300 million was made available to Kenneth Emeakayi and he did not make use of thismoney, he pocketed it. The sum of N5 million that was given to party executive by Arthur Eze for the OFALA festival of traditional ruler of Ukpo in December 2013,Ken Emeakayi bolted with this money.Evidence from the Former Vice Chairman of the PDP, Amaechi Onowu revealed that the sum of N150 million which the former Chairman, Emma Nweze, misappropriated along with this same Olisa Metuh is still in question as of today. Ken Emeakayi claimed he would recover this money only to change his stories later in a very treacherous manner. The trio of Emeakayi, Metuh and Nweze were suspected to have made away with this money.The treachery of both Emeakayi and Metuh has become legendary.

It will be recalled that Olisa Metuh has already became a political liability to the NWC even before the handover to the present administration largely as a result of his poor performances and bickering which he desires to also import into Anambra State.The leader of our party ex-president Goodluck Jonathan personally admonished him and taught him the basics of party discipline. One wonders the value of this man that has totally lost relevance. This must have necessitated his current drowning schemes to destroy the PDP in Anambra state before he finally goes down. See Appendix 1.. http://www.newspunch.org/pdp-crisis-messy-angry-jonathan-tongue-lashes-olisa-metuh/
Those who live in glass houses learnt early in life not to throw stones. Ken Emekayi is not a PDP member abnitio. Ken Emekayi was expelled at the 280th meeting of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP that held in Abuja.On the 22nd of August,2011 the South-east Zonal Working Committee (ZWC) of the party also announced the suspension of Ken Emekayi and seven members of the party in the state for alleged constitutional breaches and anti-party activities. They were alleged to have breached Article 21.1(a), 21.1(b), 21.1(h), 21.1(i) and 21.1(j) of the PDP constitution by engaging in acts likely to bring the party to disrepute.If this is not madness and loss of common sense, how can Ken Emeakayi turn around to ask for help from the PDP in 2015 after sacking members of Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation in 2013 where he connived with another party APGA and declared the election free and fair? An election in which the leader of his party, the very man he collected 20 Million Naira from could not even vote?See Appendix 2..http://www.thenigerianvoice.com/nvnews/130170/1/ken-emekayi-is-a-fraud-and-has-no-power-to-sack-an.html
Olisa Metuh, Ken?s traveling accomplice and rubber stamp has quickly forgotten the various roles he played and his treacherous anti-party acts during the last Governorship election.Olisa metuh ought to have buried his head in shame instead of masquerading and hovering as a fiend on the party. We have not lost our memories, when I was crying and shouting on that fateful cold November morning in 2013 that our party was rigged out,the best Olisa Metuh did was to first block me on Facebook and then directed his stooge Ken Emeakayi to suspend us from the PDP.What was our crime?.That we defended PDP with our last strength while he was lavishing his APGA goodies from one Hotel to another in Abuja talking nonsense.A man who lost election in his ward at Otolo Nnewi in 2013. A man who woke up on Sunday morning to speak for APGA and declared APGA winner in an election his Party?s Governorship candidate Tony Nwoye,his wife and family were clinically disfranchised by the INEC and prevented from voting. An election in which even the Umpire Prof Jega admitted to be marred by irregularities and apologized to the people of Anambra State. Metuh went on air in Abuja congratulating opposition party candidate Willy Obiano even before the final result was announced.Olisa Metuh who insulted PDP stake-holders and the party and assumed spokesmanship of another party has the audacity to come back to the same Anambra State and the same grass-root he fought against less than two years ago,thinking we have poor memories and perhaps must have forgotten how he nailed us and sealed our fate at Abuja.?see Appendix 3..http://www.punchng.com/news/anambra-governorship-election-tears-pdp-apart/
The wind has blown and we are beginning to see the posterior of the mother Hen.We cannotcompromise the interest of the hard working grass-root and the middle class. Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi, we shall defeat you. The storm is gathering and when this dust clears, the likes of Metuh and Emeakayi will evaporate into political Oblivion,then Anambrarians will know that people of conscience were here and that MEN did this

source: Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann
(B.Pharm, MFIP, MPSN, MPH,J P)
Ohamadike ? Dunukofia

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