Olla Williams Supports Bechem School for the Deaf

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Bechem School for the Deaf was established on the 3rd January, 1969 with fourteen (14) students but was officially opened 31st May, 1969 with 30 students thus twenty-one (21) boys and nine (9) girls.

In the year 1987, the Ghana Education Service up-graded the school to run Technical and Vocational course for the Middle School leavers now Junior High School Graduates

The Special Education Division of the Ghana Education Service started a pilot Inclusive Education Programme in 2003 for the blind and low vision students in the school. Currently the blind students are accommodated, fed and given braille and lower primary education in the school. The students are included to Josco Practice School when they get to upper primary to study with their regular colleagues.

Bechem School for the Deaf and Blind aspires to be a premier special school in bilingual Deaf and Blind education in Ghana that empowers each student to reach his/her full potential and become self-determined, independent and responsible citizens within his/her community.

Bechem School for the Deaf offers high quality educational and co-curricular activities that prepare its graduates for further academic, social, and career success.

Specific Objectives for students are:

1. Demonstrate a mastery of both GSL/ Braille and English

2. Approach challenges with positivity and perseverance

3. Respect themselves and tolerate other views

4. Develop self-confidence through curiosity and creativity

5. Set career goals that give purpose to their learning

6. Exhibit self-discipline and obey school rules and regulations.

Specific Objectives for Staff / Teacher and other staff will:

1. Respect, value, and honour the language and culture of Deaf individuals

2. Demonstrate a mastery of GSL/ Braille and English

3. Approach work with optimism, humility, and teamwork

4. Set high expectations for students’ behaviour and academic performance

5. Develop lessons and tasks that align to the standards of SPED/GES

6. Serve as role-models and mentors to students

According to Armstrong Adu-Boakye Ag. Principal, the school has some Challenges:

It is unfortunate that a lot of these students have lost their parents. Others find themselves in broken homes due to the blame game among couples for the cause of their ward’s disability. A lot of the people who bring these children to our school are not the true parents of the children. Most of these children are brought to the school without basic personal items such as sponge, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste not to think student’s mattress which is very important for their stay in the school.

Most of the children are sleeping on the floor due to the fact that their parents/guardians are unable to buy students mattresses for them. It is in light of the above that the School Management appeals to all benevolent agencies to assist these young ones with Students’ Mackintosh Mattresses.

Recently Mr. Emmanuel Olla Williams aka GAS MAN, the schools sanitation and sports ambassador through the support of Kasapreko company presented drinks to the school and they were very happy.

Mr. Armstrong Adu-Boaky expressed his gratitude for the distribution of carbonated soft drink (Melo) to the students.

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