Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah
Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah

Alassane T. Diack, Executive Director of the OlympAfrica Foundation has hailed the current president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Ben Nunoo Mensah for his effort and zeal, as well as determination to ensure that Ghana is added to the list of nations that could benefit from funds from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) / OlympAfrica Foundation Fund for social interventions.

Monsieur Diack who was on a working visit to Ghana to see the present state of the field for the proposed IOC supported facility made it clear that the site is to be developed into a Juvenile Sports Excellence Centre for kids between the ages of 5 years to 15 years.

He stressed that it is not for an Olympic Stadium as many people think, as the OlympAfrica Foundation does not construct stadia, but supports with the building and equipping the kids and youth with resource centers.

He said Ghana was struck off in 2005 because the then administration of the GOC did not heed to advise and the nation has lost funding over all those years.

He said the fund is now enjoyed by 51 African countries, which use sports to support other factors of life like education, health and environmental improvement.

He expressed that the Amasaman community are going to benefit most, hence the municipal assembly and other private sponsors can start developing and transforming the pitch.

According to Alassane Diack, he will personally initiate the construction of a multipurpose court to be used for basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal and other events by the schools.

He stressed that education is very important to sports as they move in tandem to develop the human being.

The GOC President who had several business meetings with Monsieur Diack on his 3-day visit said he wants to leave a legacy in Ghana Sports. They met the Minister of Youth & Sports, the Parliamentary Committee on Sports and addressed the media after observing the Amasaman site.

Ben Nunoo Mensah said sports is a voluntary and sacrificial job that he loves to do side his business, but the insults and pressure from negative minded people is too much.

He advised the media to use their precious time and space to promote positive things that are happening in sports and also educate the public well.

He however commended those media platforms that promote least financed sports like weightlifting, boxing, badminton, hockey, judo, taekwondo, badminton, swimming, volleyball, handball, table tennis, tennis, beach sports and para sports.

Meanwhile, the GOC through an ANOCA agreement has given financial support to all the sports federations going through Olympic qualification towards the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan.



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