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Omanhene installs a trustee for the Gomoa Fetteh stool

Currently, Gomoa Fetteh in the Central region of Ghana is close to hell. The place filled with land guards and some say it has even become the headquarters of land guards in Ghana.
Violence, intimidation, threats and often leading to shootings and killings have mapped and stained the area leading to fears, panic and a cycle of brutal lawlessness. In the midst of this
injurious chaos and unbelievable descent into anarchy, the lands at Gomoa Fetteh are being sold left and right by so many greedy strangers and unauthorized persons who have taken advantage of the chaotic and lawless environment.
The main causes for this mayhem is the absence of a legitimate chief for Gomoa Fetteh for about 20 years. The records of the Gomoa Akyempem Traditional Council and of the Central
Regional House of Chiefs, show that the matter of who it is that is legitimately nominated, elected and installed as a chief of Gomoa Fetteh in accordance with customary law, has been the subject of litigation and disputes since 1997. The Judicial Committee of the Traditional Council has yet to hear the matter. The long delay has resulted in multiple and conflicting claims of legitimacy by different parties claiming to be chiefs of Gomoa Fetteh.
As of today’s date however, no person has been confirmed by the Judicial Committee as the Chief of Gomoa Fetteh. The Stool is vacant. Simply put, there is no chief of Gomoa Fetteh. Anyone who calls himself a chief is self-styled without any legal backing or recognition whatsoever. Certainly, the Omanhene confirms that he and his chiefs are yet to confirm a chief.
This explains why unscrupulous persons have taken advantage and caused so much injury to the people of Gomoa Fetteh. In an effort to right wrongs that have taken place for far too long and in order to prevent further waste, violence and indiscriminate sale of Gomoa Fetteh lands, the Omanhene of Gomoa Akyempim Obirifo… has taken charge with immediate effect.
He has installed a caretaker, as a trustee of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool. The trustee’s name is Nana Kwa Bediako an 85 year old Gyasehene and Principal Elder of the Royal Twidan Abor Ewusi Family of Gomoa Fetteh. Forthwith, Nana Kwa Bediako is the overlord of Gomoa Fetteh. He is change of all matters affecting the Stool and the lands and anything done without his written permission or consent is null and void.
Nana Kwa Bediako is working with a team of able management and development consultants known as Gomoa United Kingdom who together working with the Ghana security forces and all law-abiding stakeholders shall ensure that there is peach and order in Gomoa Fetteh. The
wanton sale of lands shall stop and the trusteeship would bring peace until a proper chief is recognized by the Judicial Committee which plans to do so as soon as possible.
In the meantime, anyone who has bought lands from land guards or from anyone else within the past few years should be aware that the transactions were null and void since the persons who sold those lands did not have the right to do so at law or in equity. Buyer beware. It is hoped that sanity would return to Gomoa Fetteh with this move of the Omanhene and that finally a proper chief would be recognized who would united all stakeholders for a better
Gomoa Fetteh.
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