Omar Wala: A well-developed plan acts as a GPS for your success journey

Omar Wala
Omar Wala

In today’s world, almost anyone can become an entrepreneur; it only takes a solid idea, a laptop, and an Internet connection, and voila, the millions are right there in the pocket. Except this is a myth—a piece of bad advice that has been lately circulating on social media, scamming unfortunate souls into throwing their savings into a business that will inevitably fail.

It will fail because they don’t have a proper plan and because running a highly successful business is not an easy feat at all.

Omar Wala is a seasoned real estate investor in NYC, with over a billion dollars in construction contracts in the last five years, through Brisa Builders Corp, a family-owned real estate business. Considering that, he knows the challenges of running a business more than most.

Driven by his unwavering honesty, integrity, and humble demeanor, Wala takes great pride in developing and constructing mixed-use and multi-family buildings to address the increasing demand for affordable housing in the greater metropolitan area.

However, as Wala points out, the business he runs wouldn’t be so successful as it is if it weren’t for proper planning, but he adds that it was a lesson that he learned by himself.

“I developed all of my existing business ideas from learning from people who are already successful and making adjustments that are best suited for me,” says Wala. “Still, my first venture was a complete disaster, but it taught me a lot.”

As Omar Wala goes on to say, his first business venture was a call center. “The call center was an idea that had great potential, but it was only an idea. I didn’t have a concrete growth plan, company goals, etc.,” Wala explains. “Also, to make things worse, I struggled with assembling a good team that would carry out my vision. That’s when I learned that failure is inevitable without proper planning and a well-developed team.”

Despite his initial failure, Wala learned from his mistakes, and now he knows that planning is critical to success in business. “While failure can be really demotivating, we must always reflect on our mistakes and learn from them,” Wala says.

As he further explains, Wala has learned throughout the years that a proper plan gives the company a focus and brings employees together to work toward common goals. “It is easier to manage time and resources when everyone works together to achieve a tangible goal,” says Wala.

According to Omar Wala, Brisa Builders Corp is a mission-driven organization where employees come back every day to find new ways to improve society and make the world a better place. “Every employee at Brisa Builders Corp has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” he says. “Our most powerful motivator is the intangible feeling of having a purpose. We are constructing affordable housing for people in need, and seeing a smile on their faces at the end of the day is priceless—it’s what keeps us going.”

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