The music video vixen-turned-reality star recently stepped out with her rap superstar Boyfriend Wiz Kalifa … and a giant piece of Tyson-esque art on her face.


Mawuli Pomary

Mawuli Pomary

A first class homo sapien,a vandal,an actor,a 3rd generation not too handsome but charismatic young man born 2 ewe n twi parents with slight brazilian roots.falls in de lineage of famous brazilian merchant,pomary.very shy but a tasteful entertainer.u can cal him nastie wedda,captain charisma or qhojo.young eli takes inspiration 4rm any level headed fauna.dis youth luvs science but writes and speaks better.he always says ‘the black shit happenz but am still thuggin’.I NEVER BACK DOWN FROM ANY FIGHT,I FEAR NOTHING AND REGRET LESS’. Join me as I take you through a roller coaster ride through OMG!! Holler at me if you see me around or call 0249526179 if you want to go like Oh Emm Gee.

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