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One Page Project Biography – Gordon Lari

Gordon Lari

Gordon Lari has emerged with a music album. Having migrated to the United States from Ghana, West Africa in 1996, Gordon Lari has evolved through the American system with a six-year military career, a fully loaded corporate career and a revived music career that began in Ghana. What culminates in a trans-genre of ten songs, provides a coverage of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, pop and what he calls afro-lypsoca.

Each song on the music album takes the listener through a voice induced sense of relaxation, urgency and purpose, depending on the song at play. What started as some quality time in the studio in San Diego California during his military career has recently been finished with astonishing clarity in tunes, melody, strong lyrics and works expertly
engineered and mastered at the Sound Lab recording studio in Greensboro, NC. Possessing a very unassuming personality, Gordon Lari sheepishly smiles at words of encouragement and praise at the nature of the works produced by him.

All ten songs are written and performed by Gordon Lari. The engineers on the album are Thomas “Tripp” Darron, and Tom Rowan, playing the roles of recording and mix and mater engineers respectively.

Already gearing up for his first single in a very long time, Gordon promises listeners a surprising diversion into an area that could once again have critics talking charts. To Gordon Lari, the excitement of gradually immersing himself into music once again is enough to keep him spiritually and physically well-grounded in crafting a promising future. Folks, lets hear Liberty, More more, and Texting from the moon for starters.

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