Online Gambling in Canada explained without doing something illegal


If you ever wondered how online gambling works in Canada, you may be pleased to learn that online gambling is fully legal and there are no restrictions to anyone wishing to play online. Illegal betting houses are of course by their very definition against the law, but whether you choose to place your bets in a physical casino or an online one, Canadian law does not prohibit either. Here are some more facts explaining how online gambling in Canada works.

What Age do I Have to be to Gamble in Canada?

In the provinces of Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba, gamblers need to be aged 18 or above before they can play. If you are based in any other Canadian province, the age threshold rises to anyone over the age of 19. If you are below these ages but want to gamble when outside the country of Canada, it is possible to do so depending on the laws applicable in that particular country so always check this first.

If I Win in an Online Casino, do I have to Pay Tax in Canada?

If you score a big jackpot in an online Canadian casino, the Income Tax Act means that you do not have to pay any tax on that money. This same act would also apply if you won a lottery, for example or if you won money betting on sports.

Are the Rules Different for Professional Canadian Gamblers?

However, the rules are different if you gamble professionally. Gambling as a career has risen in popularity over recent years due to its flexible working options and the opportunity to perhaps win a big salary. But if gambling is the main way you make money, the Canadian tax officials will want to know about it. At the present time, Canadians are taxed at a rate of 9.15% if your income is between $42,201 and $84,404 but the tax threshold increases dramatically once you reach the next band of earnings. So, if gambling is seeing you hit between $84,404 and $150,000 you will be looking at paying tax at 11.16%.

What is the Best Way to Sign Up to an Online Casino in Canada?

Signing up to an online casino in Canada is pretty straightforward and is no different to the registration process seen in many other countries. Most sites will want you to select a username and password which will be verified and then you will be free to play and place bets as you wish. As there is so much competition, with new online casinos springing up all the time, many sites will offer tempting offers for newcomers such as free bets and spins, online bonuses and welcome deposits to boost your initial betting amounts. You can learn more about casinos and bookmakers, that are worth your money on GamblingGuy.

Can I Place Bets and Withdraw Deposits in Canadian Dollars?

Most Canadian online gambling sites will process bets or winnings in Canadian dollars. However, if you are playing on an American, British or other international site, the winnings you receive will usually be paid out in the native currency of whichever country is hosting the site, so do be aware of this before you place your bets. The majority of online gamblers will use debit or credit card to play, but most online sites also accept online payment methods now too such as PayPal or InstaDebit. How soon you receive your winnings can also vary from site to site. Some can pay out in as short a time as 24 hours, whilst others can take a few days if you are wanting to be paid by bank transfer. Before placing any money, ensure that the site has been verified as trustworthy and is using encryption technology to protect all the data you hold with them.

Which Online Games are Best to Win Big in Canada?

There are so many games to play in online casinos that the choice can be quite overwhelming. There are of course no guarantees when it comes to betting and even those who choose to do so professionally will sometimes take a loss. However, sticking to games that involve an element of skill and strategy make it more likely that you may walk away with a win. Card games such as blackjack and poker for example offer a fairer dynamic between the player and the dealer, with the houses winning percent usually around 0.5, giving you a 50/50 shot. Roulette, although completely unpredictable, is a game that still offers good odds as the chance of winning each time can still be as high as 50/50 depending on the bet you choose to place. Many online gambling sites in both Canada and abroad now allow players to try games for free, so take your time to see which you enjoy and which you think you could possible win some money from. Slot games can be really fun but the chance of you winning on these types of games is completely down to luck.

What Can I do if Something Goes Wrong When Gambling Online in Canada?

Canada, like most of its other international counterparts, hosts gambling sites that are licensed by the Canadian gambling authority so you should feel safe trusting them with your money and personal information. If something does go wrong, for example you don’t receive your winnings or experience a fault with a game, most reputable sites should have an online chat or customer service feature to allow you to communicate with the site and resolve any issues promptly.

Can I Play Online Casinos in Canada on My Cell Phone?

Absolutely! Online gambling in Canada supports not only websites, but apps too, so now you can play whenever you want and wherever you are. Many of the most well-known casinos will also have an app for iPhone or Android, so make sure to check this in your online store if you want to change the device you are playing on.

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