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Only a Credible, Free and Fair Elections Could Guarantee the Political Stability of Ghana

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Political Stability of Sovereign States is key to the socio economic development of every nation.
Businesses and Investment thrives in an environment where there’s peace and tranquility not where there’s a state of instability.
Thus, political instability has been a bane of Africa socio economic development. Many people are displaced, die of famine, lost of lives and properties where there is instability.
One grave factor in Africa that has led to Political instability is as results of electoral disputes. We have witnessed events in Cote D’Ivoire, DR Congo, Chad, Kenya and other jurisdictions in Africa where electoral disputes has led to Political instability in these countries and has affected the livelihood of citizen and political economy. This is not what Ghanaians wanted. Ghana’s democracy has come far since the 4th republic. There’s been political Stability since.
So in the light of the above, it is incumbent on all stakeholders involved in the electoral process in the upcoming general elections in december to ensure that this peace and tranquility that Ghanaians have enjoyed over the years is maintained for the good of all citizens.
The main key institution to ensure a credible free and fair elections is the Electoral Commission whose posture and activities in recent times seems questionable especially its claims of missing Biometric Verification Machines and auction of outmoded BVD machines without the consent of stakeholders and political parties.
These acts of the EC creates suspicion about its readiness to conduct a credible free and fair elections in december. Already the appointments of suspicious characters and party faithfuls to the EC board who are linked to the ruling NPP government is affront to democratic principle of accountability and transparency which many Ghanaians including opposition parties have condemned in earnest.
To this end the EC as a matter urgency and trust should prove Ghanaians wrong that its posture in recent times is not to manipulate the elections in favour of the ruling party by ensuring transparency in its activities and consensus building with other political parties to ensure free and fair elections since anything short of this could distabilize our democracy looking at the posture of the main opposition party NDC to protect their ballot at all cost.
That not withstanding, the events that characterized the 2020 elections where some citizens where shot and killed by the security forces without justice keep ringing loud and clear in the ears of many Ghanaians and a repeat of this crime in the december general elections could trigger instability in the country Ghana. Therefore it is incumbent on the security services to ensure that these  act of extra Judiciary killings are not repeated.
It’s imperative to note that elections is not a call for state of emergency to use the military to maintain Law and order. Thus, the military has no business to maintain Law and order in the electoral process as required by law except state of emergency. It is the Ghana Police Service who is mandated by law to maintain Law and order in the country including ensuring peaceful elections before, during and after the elections.
So the Ghana Police Service should be well resourced by the state to carry out its mandate to core. The military has always been a standby Force and the status quo has not changed until the 2020 general elections where the military took over some responsibilities of the Police to maintain Law and order. This action is affront to democracy and rule of law and should never be repeated again.
To conclude, I wish to reiterate that only a credible, free and fair elections in December General elections could guarantee the political Stability of Ghana. Anything short of this could distabilize our democracy which would have grave consequencies on the livelihood of citizens and socio economic development of Ghana as a whole.
Ghana First!
Dr. Michael Richmond Smart-Abbey, Author,
Political and Public Policy Analyst, Social Libertarian, Governance and Security Expert.
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