Only NPP can improve Ghana – Opoku-Prempeh


Ghanaians have been reminded by Energy Minister Matthew Opoku-Prempeh, also known as NAPO, that the NPP party is the only one capable of salvaging the nation.

He asserts that the NPP has the persons with the power to transform Ghana’s fortunes and lead the country through a period of good development.

NAPO poked fun at the NDC, the opposing party, by implying that Ghaianas should be scared of them since “our terrible is better because the NDC will be worse.”

He continued by saying that electing the NDC would be the worst decision ever made by the people of Ghana unless the NPP was given the opportunity to run the country for the next years.

“The only party that can improve Ghana is the NPP…

If NDC had been in charge, the dollar might have reached 40.

Due to the strengthening of the cedi against the dollar, Matthew Opoku-Prempeh made these claims and urged Ghanaians not to support the NDC.

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