Only the weak points can save you…. corporate


Weak-points are good or bad for the overall system? Do corporate employees know the difference between ‘weak-points’ and ‘weakness’? The answer can be quite contradicting as it is good and indeed bad too. In many cases, the weak points are created or engineered to save the entire system. Look at the electric circuit. If there is no fuse wire connection or tripper facility is created, any short circuit can burn the entire system. The fuse wires are also selected in such a way as to burn quickly when there is a short circuit and disconnect the supply of electric current. The safety of the entire system lies in the ‘weakness of the ‘weak-point’ and not the ‘strength’ of the fuse wire or the tripper.

Look a pressure cooker or an autoclave or any other domestic/industrial appliances. The sensitivity or weakness of the safety valve/safety provision only can save the entire system when there is a defect or malfunction.

The fear (the weakness) of the prey only goes as an advantage for the predator. The message conveyed either by the science ‘physics’ or ‘nature’ is not about the ill-effects of the ‘weak-points’ but about the usefulness of such ‘weak-points’. One needs to differentiate ‘weak-points’ from ‘weakness’.

The prey-predator relationship in nature is based on the principle of ‘weak-points’ and not ‘weakness’. Prey should know how to exploit the weak-points of the predator, example being lion or tiger that cannot run fast and long. Similarly the predator also should know how to exploit the weak-points of the prey animals for their ‘hunt success.

The ‘vulnerability’ or ‘safety’ of a prey and the ‘hunt success’ or ‘hunt failure’ of a predator, lies in exploiting the ‘weak-points’ and not ‘succumbing’ to it.

Instead of one become ‘weak’ due to the weakness, should know how to exploit the weak-points in the system.

Look at the beauty of check valves, fuse wire or trippers etc., in the system. They represent ‘weak-points’. One can easily say that the entire electric circuit has a weakness as the fuse can cut at anytime. People talk only about the after effects of fuse wire getting cut and never talk about the after effects of what if the fuse wire was not cut.

It is not having ‘weak-points’ one should worry, whether they are developing any weakness due to them or have learned the art of exploiting them for the total success that matter.

Unless the subtle differences of many words are understood, the corporate employees may mess up an opportunity. Even a pressure cooker or an electric tripper or a fuse wire can teach you a great management principle.

It is not just studying human psychology or management fundamentals make a person fit for HR, but one should develop the art of observation, art of seeing and the art of wise interpretation of life and its surroundings and that alone will make a person ‘right HR’ function. Corporate should inspect and introspect whether they have such HR function.

Reference: Management Book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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